Narcsus Prye Drops Single “Stop This Now” Off Upcoming Album

British producer Narscus Prye has put out“Stop This Now”, the first of many single releases from his upcoming album “To An Unknown Place”. The song features a bubbly, arcade like instrumental, supported by strong pop vocals by Yvette Riby-Williams. Utilizing a unique chord progression and non-traditional rhythms, Prye is strikes a satisfying balance between a conventional pop sound and an unconventional indie sound. According to Prye, “Stop This Now” was born after he discovered Yvette Riby-Williams:

“Stop This Now came together after I heard Yvette sing on another project of hers. I checked out some of her videos of when she was in The Boxettes and loved her voice and her vibe. I got in touch, we met up and after I sent her through the track she did her thing on it.” – Narcsus Prye

Narcsus Prye’s musical journey began at a very young age when he played and trombone while growing up in Hong Kong. After moving to London as an adult, he worked as a producer and songwriter for notable acts like Alex Clare, Jodie Abacus, and Bonzai. Recently, he signed with The State51 Conspiracy label, where he will be releasing his debut album “To An Unknown Place” later this year.

Stream “Stop This Now” Here:

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