George Gretton And The Birth Of Art-Pop

Breaking into the music industry is no easy feat because it’s so hard to set yourself apart from the myriad of other producers and songwriters out there. At the core of everything is the music itself, and George Gretton has gone the extra mile with his debut single, “Tread Water.” He’s proclaimed his style of music to be “art-pop” and we would definitely agree that this track would be hard to fit into any other existing genre. With a very loose structure and emphasis on timing and pauses, “Tread Water” excels at, to quote George’s own words, “vocal manipulation and using a contrast between organic and artificial sounds to tell different sides of the same situation.”

To compliment the track is an excellently produced music video that expertly captures some of the more complex lyrical content with its use of timing and visual metaphor. If you have the time to sit down and spend a few minutes, it’s definitely the best way to fully experience this unique piece of music. 

We also got a glimpse into the creative process behind this video from its director, Imogen Harrison, and George Gretton which you can ready below. 

“A couple of months ago, George sent me “Tread Water” and I immediately felt a pull to visually represent the anxiety and state of flux that you can hear in the track. George and I spoke a lot about those sleepless nights, where you’re left alone to contemplate your own thoughts. The video visualises the dark and intense mental state that comes with change and self-acceptance.” – Imogen Harrison

“There’s this nervous, insecure energy to the song that’s been captured really well. It’s sonically and lyrically frantic but Imogen’s recreated the emotion behind it in a pretty powerful way. We also got to shoot in some beautiful, atmospheric locations – a couple of which we were lucky enough to stumble across en route.” – George Gretton

Seeing the quality and level of dedication and effort put into his debut single, we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see where George’s creativity takes us next. 

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