HAZE and Eedion Release Emotional Track, “Waiting For You”

Danish producer HAZE and German producer eedion have teamed up for their latest single “Waiting For You”, out on Killabite Media. The track has a tropical sound, taking cues from artists like Kygo and Sam Feldt. It has energetic drums and vibrant organic instruments in its chorus, but soft, simple pianos in its verses. This contrast is part of what makes “Waiting For You” a truly unique song; it’s able to stay energetic while still retaining its meaning.

The creators of the song describe “Waiting For You” as “a last-ditch love letter from the perspective of someone who lost it all due to their own insecurities and overthinking.” The song’s lyrics reflect this theme. Vocalist Joey Busse sings “I get scared when the shine wears off”, a line which the songwriters say is a “confession of guilt” on the part of the singer.

Los-Angeles based singer-songwriter Joey Busse’s vocals keep the track feeling fresh. His crisp vocals stand out from the crowd in a way others’ cannot. Busse’s releases have racked up a total of over five million streams and have been released on top-tier labels like Universal and Australia.

HAZE and Eedion’s production skills have made “Waiting For You” a memorable track, worthy of replaying. In their previous releases, both producers have seen success. HAZE, an industry new-comer, has already released on prestigious labels like Strange Fruits and NCU. Likewise, Eedion has released on Armada and Chill Planet, as well as been supported by top DJs like Martin Garrix and Fedde Le Grand. Most recently, the producers have teamed up to create “Waiting For You” with Joey Busse.

Stream “Waiting For You” Here:

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