C.H.A.Y Releases Cinematic EP “Travel Far” On Mau5trap

“Travel Far.” the latest EP to come from Orlando producer C.H.A.Y, is filled to the brim with hard hitting but cinematic electronic compositions. The collection of tracks, released through Deadmau5’s prestigious Mau5trap label, is a unique listening experience full of dramatic rises and falls, as well as thumping baselines alongside airy synth melodies. 

Tracks like “Into The City” and  “Travel Far,” which runs over eight minutes long, have an undeniable electro house style, but also show elements of tech house woven into their intricate beats. The industrial drums and synths of “Crime” keep the EP feeling fresh and unique. However the standout of the EP comes from the last track, “Floxen.” With “Floxen,” C.H.A.Y masterfully blends emotional vocals and melodies with the powerful, four-on-the-floor style that he’s known for.

From a young age, C.H.A.Y’s expressed a passion for music – at first through piano and drums, and later through music production. Taking cues from industry legends like Daft Punk and Deadmau5, C.H.A.Y quickly developed his own sound. That sound has taken him far, with releases on prestigious labels and the attention of some of the world’s biggest artists. With all eyes on him, C.H.A.Y makes a statement with the release of his cinematic “Travel Far” EP.

Stream “Travel Far” EP here:

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