Crywolf teams up wit Mielo for breath-taking remode of DRIP

Crywolf has been a major inspiration to many up and coming producers and one of them being Mielo. The first release in the series is a synth-heavy, 80’s-inspired “DRIP” remix from Chicago-based producer, Mielo. 

Mielo recently served as opener for Crywolf’s shows in Los Angeles, Dallas and Denver, providing the perfect musical compliment to Crywolf’s cinematic shows. Mielo’s sound is vibrant and euphoric, highlighting his unique talents and blend of analog synth-pop sounds. Both Crywolf and Mielo have the ability to evoke raw emotions with their music, making Mielo the perfect fit for a Crywolf remix.

After listening to the album in full, “DRIP” stuck out to me the most. I immediately knew that was the song I wanted to rework. I wanted to produce something that sounded like there was a pursuit going on & came up with something I’m very proud of. Crywolf has been a major inspiration of mine for years & I’m blessed to get to rework his beauty of a song.
– Mielo

Published by Matt

18 year old DJ, Producer, Musician and interning as a writer at the Music Elk

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