COFRESI and Luna Grey Tackle Illness and Overcoming Struggle In: “Scars”

 It’s not the first time a hip-hop artist has collaborated within the electronic music scene, however COFRESI and Luna Grey’s new track “Scars” is indeed a freshly innovative piece. 

The power duo are taking the world on by storm with the release which acts as an experimental collage that works as a representation of struggling with a medical illness and isolation. Amidst sonic chaos, it’s melodic and refreshingly authentic in its message.

“In my teens I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. I became an outcast at my school as I spent much of my high school experience in the hospital. Writing ‘Scars’ was a very big turning point for me as I stopped resenting my challenges and began to be thankful for the strength my struggles gave me.” – Luna Grey

Luna Grey’s compelling vocal performance is complemented magnificently by COFRESI’s vibrant, swirling production that moves between Trap and Hip-Hop with elements of dubstep. Described by COFRESI as a “hybrid infusion” it certainly can’t be pinpointed to any one exact genre, showcasing provocative sound design and bringing a fistful of energy.

Stream “Sars” bellow:

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