Seersha Returns With Synthwave Beauty “Lecture Me”

With massive retro synthesizers and gorgeous layers of vocal harmonies, Seersha’s latest single “Lecture Me” is the sonic embodiment of freedom. It should come as no surprise then, that her name, Seersha, or Saoirse, means “freedom” in Irish.

The track itself takes on a bitter-sweet tone. The 80’s influenced synth-pop sounds she uses gives listeners a relaxed, laid-back feeling, but Seersha’s soaring vocals tell a different story: “Is this what you wan’t, to crush my spirit?” Seersha sings. It’s this slight incongruence between instrumental and vocal that makes “Lecture Me” truly stand out from the crowd. 

Just a few years ago, in 2016, Seersha was living in Nashville writing country songs for other artists. After deciding it was no longer for her, however, she made the daring move out of Music City and back home to Atlanta, where she wrote her first EP in just 3 weeks.

The EP quickly earned praise from some of the industry’s leading curators like Wonky Sensitive and yvynyl. But for the past two years there’s been nothing released under the Seersha alias, until now. With “Lecture Me,” Seersha makes her return in spectacular fashion.

Stream “Lecture Me” Here:

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