BAER is a multicultural Pop artist based in Los Angeles. Born in Taiwan and partially raised in Canada, BAER’s music has a style that transcends cultural and stylistic boundaries. BAER left her home in Taiwan and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams. She began working with notable vocal producer and songwriter David “DQ” Quiñones (Beyoncé, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, etc) and soon turned her bedroom into a pop hit factory, making her own songs with friends and vocal producing herself.

Teaming up with US singer / Songwriter JVZEL, the two have comfortably combined their two styles to create a soothing latino hip – hop release. JVZEL is proceeding quietly under the radar, as she continues to keep it interesting by creating art centred around self love & freedom, the two things that have propelled her this far. You can stream SALINA below.

“Salina” is a loose spanish slang word we created to mean ‘salty’ (the exact definition is a ‘big salt lake’). We wrote this song as an ode to our awesomeness, and how being confident in who you are will inevitably come with haters who are super ‘salina’! It’s a fun summer empowerment record. We filmed a music video where we enlisted a few other amazing empowered women, which will be released alongside the song.

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