ESL ONE NEW YORK Soundtracks are here !!!!

ESL One New York is just around the corner and with every ESL tournament , there are some amazing soundtracks to come with it! This year the team at Enter Records have compiled a fine selection of breath-taking singles, from the likes of Unknown Brain, Aeden, Rubika and many more.

First off we kick things off with the main highlight of these singles, a stunning orchestral piece by the mysterious duo Unknown Brain. This will definitely create a moving atmosphere at the event and we know the fans will love this one

Secondly we have Aeden & Jonth, Jonth has already made an appearance on Enter Records with his heavy hitter single “On Tour” this also made it into a Vodafone advert for their new 5g experience. This single is an energetic future house single called Ring The Alarm, it is definitely going to liven up the place when this drops after a smashing victory.

Saint Clue & Rubika are next both returning members of the Enter records family, combining rap/ hip hop vibes with a future bass twist this will be a game settler when it comes to the release of the track.

Bringing a much deeper vibe to the scene, Ben Van Kuringen has created a spectacular groovy deep house single, this is bound to bring out a lot of moves within the arena !

Show me something special, well Tom Wilson does exactly that with his new single “Show Me” coming in with a smooth future funk release with vocalist Veronica Bravo.

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