Slow Shudder Goes “Off The Rails” in Debut EP

In an age where music producers have access to many of the same samples, coming across the new and original sounds in Slow Shudder’s debut project, “Off The Rails” was a true breath of fresh air. The woman behind Slow Shudder, Amanda Mayo, is a well-travelled producer, DJ, vocalist & songwriter who put all of her skills to the test with this EP. Her soft vocals and clean percussion unify the five tracks, but each single has its own character. 

When speaking about her work, Amanda said, “I wanted it to feel both familiar and fresh at the same time, with pop structures that feel comfortable and fun, but sounds that are surprising and make you think ‘What the hell was that?!’” While each track plays into this idea, the best example is with “Ideal Future” which calls back to alternative classics while turning the usual formula on its head to create something completely new. 

The best moments in this fifteen minute journey come from those quirky samples that Slow Shudder collected. Many of the sounds, especially the percussion and FX, were recorded straight from her phone. This attention to detail and extra care put into each of the five songs is readily apparent and the key takeaway to what makes “Off The Rails” such a special release.

Stream “Off The Rails” Below:

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