Midoca soothes us with new single I Can’t Keep Up With You

LA based producer and composer Chaz Treharne AKA Midoca, has always pleased us with his amount of soothing emotion he puts into his tracks. With artistic capabilities and talent ranging across a texturedsoundscape, Midoca euphoniously pairs ambient, layered productions with his own melancholy vocals – conveying pure, raw emotion within every fleeting bar. 

I Can’t Keep Up With You is a perfect example of what Midoca brings to the table. A song about when someone of a higher presence takes advantage of you. I Can’t Keep Up With You portrays a soothing tone, with the elegant notes playing something which puts you into a state of relaxation.

“‘I Can’t Keep Up With You’ was written after realizing I was being taken advantage of by someone in a higher position of power. I was angry and disappointed, but the separation was freeing. The uplifting energy from the songs production came from that feeling of levity.” Midoca

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