Future House producer RYLLZ digs further into his creative Trap style, presenting his latest work, a remix on Coolio’s most famous track, Gangsta’s Paradise (released in 1995).

Ryan Scully, or better know as RYLLZ has been making moves in the Electronic Dance Music scene, reaching impressive milestones throughout his music career. His most recent Trap original on Lacuna Records. Nemesis, established his newfound Trap style that you will hear below!

The track features the original sampled choir section and revolves the track around that, incorporating his own style of Trap into the mix, resulting in what has to be one of the best remixes I’ve heard so far this year!

Check out the track below:

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (RYLLZ Remix)

Premiered on Vailant here and uploaded on his YouTube here

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NUDØ returns to the music scene with Future Bass vibes incorporated in his new track Shot In The Dark alongside the talented Joey Busse. Released on Hinky, the track was already featured on one of Spotify‘s signature playlists. The track itself features cool melody chops, relaxing pads and beautiful harmonies throughout the song.

NUDØ takes us on a musical journey throughout this song, introducing us to the vocals right away supported by chimes, pianos and orchestral drums. He then sweeps into the drop which features a strong lead which alters its pitch and rhythm, vocal shouts and more percussion elements. He then breaks it down after the second drop and introduces the true power of vocalist Joey Busse in the single.

Check out their track here:

Shot In The Dark – NUDØ feat. Joey Busse

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The Future House artist known as Jonth releases his latest track “Take On The World“, and it’ll make you want to keep it on repeat all day long. The 23 year old producer uses a blend of Future House and Future Funk, paired with his perfected signature sounds to create the ultimate banger for any scene.

Born and raised in Borlänge, Sweden, Jesper Jonth started producing music at a very young age and has over the years developed his own sound. Jonth has been supported by some of the biggest names in Electronic Dance Music such as Tiesto, Cash Cash, Debris, Jay Eskar and many more!

The Swedish producer uses a driving bass, terrific vocals, his signature and powerful lead and future funk styled chords that we hear somewhat similar of in his original song “Break Away“. He also uses adlibs throughout the breaks to add to the atmosphere. His strong buildup sets up the drop beautifully, and could not have been done better than Jonth has executed here! One bit of ear candy that I always keep going back and listening to is the setup before the second half of each drop. The chord he uses here is brilliantly placed, as well as having that funk element to it gives the whole track a groovy vibe.

The long awaited masterpiece brought to you Jonth is out now! Check it out here:

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The talented 17 year-old producer known as BROKN who makes his way into 2019 with a entrancingly beautiful track, Lost. The Romanian artist uses various features such as pitched background vocals, atmosphere effects and much more ear candy that makes you want to put this on repeat.

BROKN exploded into the scene shortly after releasing his remix for Yellow Claw and Krewella’s track, New World reaching an astounding 130,000 plays, and still continues to rise till this day.

This future bass track is sure not one to miss, check it out here or below!

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RudeLies returns to the music scene alongside Aiobahn to release their latest collaboration, Motivation with vocals by the talented Kris Kiss. The track features a strong slap bass in the break, RudeLies’ catchy signature bass and fun video game style features.

Motivation ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect Future House track. It blends a funky break featuring a slap bass and Kris‘s vocals, all the way to the brilliantly executed drop with various ear candy such as drum fills, vintage style synth fills and the whistle added into the second portion.

Check out the track here:

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California-based artist Crywolf releases his latest track “DRIP” and it’s a massive success!. The Indie track, written by Justin Phillips as Crywolf has already established an album release, “widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] ” as well as a US tour, both arriving on March 22nd.

The song features exceptional vocals all around, alongside portions of harmonies all supported by the driving breakbeat. The Indie track is for sure moving away from his original electronic music style, and Crywolf does this perfectly with his latest release. Tracks such as “Weight” or “Windswept” support “DRIP” into Crywolf‘s latest leap into Indie music.

Take a listen to Crywolf‘s latest release here:

Crywolf DRIP

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London-based DJ and Producer Anikdote releases his latest track,
Wastelands” together with talented vocalist Beechey. Anikdote’s career has only ever been success since his initial music project creation. He has performed at a variety of shows around the world in countries such as Australia, India, Germany and Ibiza. On YouTube, the phenomenon has managed to gain an impressive 23 million views. His track “Heaven’s Gate” earned him a position on the NCS: Colors Compilation, with the album recently surpassing 10 millions total Spotify streams.

Alongside Perth-based artist Beechey, Anikdote releases their Dubstep-infused single, “Wastelands“. This track packs a punch with its heavy rhythms, powerful synths and organized digital chaos, making it the perfect track to pack the clubs. With over 120,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Anikdote‘s secret to success is hard work and lots of energy, both evident in his music production and his sets.

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Have a listen to their track “Wasteland” here: