Mokita has returned to the prestigious Armada label with his latest release “Kiss and Tell”.  The track is driven mainly by the delicate pop vocals and stellar guitar performance. The core of the song is enhanced by Mokita’s strong production, utalyzing airy vocal chops, a sound straight out of the play book of other songwriters producer hybrids like Lauv. Two and half minutes in, the song reaches its thrilling peak, opening up into a massive chorus, rich with vocal harmonies, fuzzy guitars, and big drums.

Mokita, who’s real name is John-Luke Carter, started his musical journey at a young age, playing piano and singing starting at just six.  After experimenting with other instruments like guitar, Mokita entered the music production world. Since then, he’s accumulated an astonishing ten-million-plus streams on his songs “Monopoly” and “Love Alone”.  His latest release, “Kiss and Tell”, could easily be his most successful song yet, given it’s radio friendly sound.

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Who would’ve ever thought that frenemies could ever be the next collab? Well, Rachel Dady and Jesse O’Connor sure did. Back in Northern Virginia, the two met each other in High School and didn’t have the best memories with bonding. Today they now live in New York City creating music together. Always crushing it with every release, Dady rolls in with their new single “Rollerblades”.

Sometimes everything you want is directly in front of you, so why run in a different direction? Directly heard from the artist; singer-songwriter Rachel (Dady) explains:

“Rollerblades is a metaphor for that somewhat childish tendency to run away from a good thing. It’s about the realization that the special someone you’ve been searching for has been right in front of you the entire time.” – Rachel Dady

With their alternative spin on pop, Jesse and Rachel definitely came in strong with their fluttery synths and catchy lyrical melodies to tell the story of the song. “You leave me notes of love, I leave you in the dark – You gave your soul to take, I had my rollerblades”. The clever songwriters tell their story of running away from love in ways so unique that it leaves chills down your spine. Songwriter/producer Jesse tops it all and sells the song with unique futuristic sounds & outstanding commercial-ready production.

Release after release, became a hit after hit for Rachel and Jesse. The path of success is engraved in Dady’s career with every step these two talents take. So here you have it, your Rollerblades. Will you be rolling in, or rolling out from the next top Duo? Follow Dady and stay updated with their talent.

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The loss of family can truly break you, and sometimes even shut you down. But the ability to reunite from it, is remarkable. Even with the struggles of hiding his dreams, Electronic Producer Juuku comes out with his latest remix “Under the Table” by Banks, which hits home in regards to the loss of himself, as well as his fallen ones.

Between battling back & forth with hesitation to pursue his dreams, Juuku unfortunately also went through the loss of his grandparents. The two leading elders had unresolved problems for 10 years straight. His grandparents hesitated to create resolutions for each other when they were present, but nothing is ever too late, Juuku explains. Through his music he expresses that as he overcomes his fears and connects with pursuing his art again, he believes that there is hope for the two fallen ones to reconcile relations again. 

Hesitation is distinctively noticed through each drop with a pause, which then momentarily follows with the song’s resume. Juuku as an Enigmatic Electronic Producer weaves unique feelings of love, fear, and intimacy into sonic & visual emotional experiences all through the sounds of cinematic design. In this remix, we see Juuku draw inspiration from his past, his late loved ones, his fear of death, his insecurities and his hope.

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James Elizabeth is an up-and-coming new artist from Northern California’s Bay Area, full of promise. Her debut single “Over Now” (featuring Snow Tha Product) presents a masterful combination of Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop in an overall catchy tune you’ll find yourself singing along to for days on repeat!

“Over Now” is the child of James Elizabeth’s recent heartbreak – a situation many of us are all too familiar with. This song acts as a reminder to think positively and to make the most out of a bad situation . . . What may seem like an ending is merely just the beginning of a new opportunity.

If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship, you will be able to relate to the spirit of “Over Now”. James Elizabeth’s purpose with her upcoming album is to inspire all to have the courage that it takes to move forward after heartbreak and encourages us all to drop the burdens acting as dead weight holding us down. She does this in style, with a freshly therapeutic track that rejuvenates and encourages audiences to sing and dance through its energising nature.

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James Elizabeth – Over Now

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have colours exploding everywhere on a canvas? This is the feeling Australian Electronic Producer and ever-evolving artist ‘Mlapa’ sought to convey through his latest dance track “Colourgasm”.

Written in the late hours of the evening while traveling through the southern Phillipines, came into being when Mlapa refused to let his passion fall into cliched slump, driven by an inexorable urge to create. The result was a truly mesmerizing work that will awaken the mind from its slumber and encourage audiences to connect with their innermost thoughts.

Synth flourishes and psychedelic textures deliver an intriguing atmosphere propelled forward by hard hitting, future-inspired drop. This lively, yet non-invasive track is a testament to the depth and dexterity in Mlapa’s writing.

“Colourgasm” is undeniably full of energy, vibrant and zestful.


We decided to cover something a little different this time! “Heaven” is the latest release from the melodic Indie pop duo Apollo LTD. This unique band has always delivered powerful pop tunes and this latest release is no different . . . there’s certainly no stopping Apollo LTD this year!!!

Through their new single “Heaven (All Around You)” the bands sound noticeably veers away from the lightness of their previous works, to deal with a wide variety of topics.

Through sweeping piano lines and an alluring vocal deliveries “Heaven” focuses on the journey of life and the experiences that shape us, while also discussing what it feels like to love someone so much you can’t imagine life without them.

Apollo LTD is renowned for their dynamic performances and striking lyricism and their latest singles sees them not only live up to expectations but rise above and beyond as they delve deep into the thoughts of mankind. “Heaven” is a song that will, beyond measure, engage listeners this year as audiences are brought on an introspective ride and ultimately delightful musical experience.

So gear up for this one – as always, Apollo LTD have done a spectacular job

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Faradays brings a whole new musical atmosphere in her latest release: “Snow”, an inquisitive  and vulnerable exploration both humanity and the nature of existence.

With an aptitude for expressing herself eloquently through music, her skills extend beyond that of just singing and song-composition. As it happens, Faradays is also a physicist and her fascination for time, the world and life itself can be seen reflected in “Snow”, which is both rich in emotional urgency and metaphor.

“All of us are here temporarily, like snow falling from the sky. So now that we are here: let’s dance before we touch the ground.” – Faradays

Exuding unparalleled confidence, “Snow” implores us to live each moment in life to the fullest and encourages us through positivity and strength to see the best in everything. Moreover, the single is soon to be followed by a music video which shall be released on March 1st.

Excelling in her ability to instil a sense of life within all who listen to her work and never one to hold back conceptually, we’re excited to see what Faradays does next!

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