Julie Elody, a pop singer and songwriter from New Orleans, has released “Queen of Wands”, her latest collection of tracks.  The EP has an electronic sound from front to back, but explores different styles within the genre.  “She’s Killin It” features Nicola Fasano, known for his 2012 hit with Pitbull “I Know You Want Me”.  It’s tight latin drum beats and brass stabs take center stage.  A similar style is found in the opening track, “Relatable”. in tracks like “The Lighthouse” , Elody switches to a dubstep-esque instrumental.  The variety of electronic genres represented in “Queen of Wands” adds to its strength.

Elody describes her sound as “pop music with lyrics that don’t suck”.  She’s right.  Her lyrics have a much higher level of maturity than seen in many of her pop contemporaries.  Intellectual writing, top-notch vocals, and stellar production contribute to the high overall quality of this EP.  

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Esterly and Vo Williams’ new track “Pushin Back” is the perfect pre-game hype song.  Its massive brass stabs and distorted vocal chops give it an energy that sweeps listeners off their feet.  The song encourages its listeners to “push back” at whatever is holding them down.  “[The track] is for anyone who’s been stepped on, pushed against a wall or been discriminated against somehow”, the artists write. 

Esterly, the song’s producer, has extensive experience capturing energy through his music.  His forceful productions have been featured in trailers and commercials for staples of modern culture like “Call Of Duty” and “Assassin’s Creed”, as well as been used by the NFL and MLB.  Additionally, his productions have appeared alongside prominent hip-hop artists like Jung Youth. 

Vo Wiliams’s musical career has also been one based in culture.  Massive video games like “Watch Dogs 2” and shows like “Empire” have included his music. Now, the two have teamed up to create yet another energetic anthem, “Pushin Back”.

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Rising producer Juuku has released an electronic flip of Teflon Sega’s track Juuku. The track sounds as if it could have come straight out of a movie, utilizing glossy cinematic strings and blaring timpani samples.  The track has an airy nostalgic energy to it, perfect for long summer night drives. Juuku’s sound is a perfect blend of emotional synth wave and energetic trap.

Juuku says he was beyond excited when he was given the opportunity to reimagine “Bereta Lake”:

“When I got the opportunity to remix it I lost my mind. I’ve always wanted to remix one of his tracks, and knew I could put my own emotional twist to it. I always try to make a world with a story in my head before I start.” – Juuku

With his own unique sound, Juuku is definitely on the rise as an artist.  He’s built up a small but loyal fanbase already, which will surely continue to grow.  His fourth remix showcases his stellar creativity and strong potential.

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German producer Blinded Hearts has teamed up with Swedish singer Louise CS to recreate the classic 1981 hit “Just The Two Of Us”.  The duo’s version pays tribute to the original track by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers by sampling its iconic saxophone line.  However, Blinded Hearts add a clear modern feel to his cover.  Adding four on the floor drums and smooth electric guitars, the track has an undeniable Deep House influence. 

The artist says that inspiration struck him at an unusual time and place: 

“On a lazy afternoon I watched a episode of King Of Queens. The original track from the eighties was played in the background and so I had the idea to cover this all time favorite. And once Louise CS was on board, it all made sense.” – Blinded Hearts

“Just The Two Of Us” is sure to be a favorite of Deep House fans, as well as fans of the original track!

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With their latest single, “Misfits”, alternative duo Apollo LTD has perfected the blissful indie guitar pop sound that’s gained massive popularity in recent years.  Fans of Paramore and Echosmith will immediately be drawn to the phased out guitars and gated drums of “Misfits”.    Captivating falsetto vocals add to the radio-friendly feel of “Misfits”.  Similar to in their track “DNA’, released in march, Apollo LTD provide a lighthearted alternative sound perfect for the warm weather season.  

Band-member Adam Stark says that “Misfits” has a positive message of overcoming things that set us apart from others: “Misfits is a song about feeling like you don’t fit in, but realizing that actually might be ok.  It’s realizing where you belong in the world, rather than if you belong. Embracing our differences is what makes this life beautiful.”  

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Sam Dian, the twenty-eight year old singer and instrumentalist from Paris, has brought us his latest collection of groovy funk tracks.  The EP, titled “Blue Desire”, beautifully fuses genres to create a coherent, chill sound.  Tracks like “Movie Star” harken back to the disco era, complete with soulful vocals and and bouncy funk bass-lines. Others like “Blue Desire” and “Something Like” bring together old jazz composition with modern production.  

The most memorable parts of the EP lie in its details.  Dian pays close attention to every aspect  of the song in all of his work, and its incredibly clear in his latest EP.  The muted guitar harmonies and smooth baselines are what set the record apart from others like it.  With unique musical creations like his “Blue Desire” EP, Sam Dian is sure to continue to grow as an artist in the months and years to come.

Watch The Sensual Music Video For “Blue Desire” Below!

Mokita has returned to the prestigious Armada label with his latest release “Kiss and Tell”.  The track is driven mainly by the delicate pop vocals and stellar guitar performance. The core of the song is enhanced by Mokita’s strong production, utalyzing airy vocal chops, a sound straight out of the play book of other songwriters producer hybrids like Lauv. Two and half minutes in, the song reaches its thrilling peak, opening up into a massive chorus, rich with vocal harmonies, fuzzy guitars, and big drums.

Mokita, who’s real name is John-Luke Carter, started his musical journey at a young age, playing piano and singing starting at just six.  After experimenting with other instruments like guitar, Mokita entered the music production world. Since then, he’s accumulated an astonishing ten-million-plus streams on his songs “Monopoly” and “Love Alone”.  His latest release, “Kiss and Tell”, could easily be his most successful song yet, given it’s radio friendly sound.

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