A trifecta of different musical styles and influences have come together on Milwaukee-based producer Crystal Knives’ latest track “STRANDED” featuring Ivish and Nathan Kay. The track tells the story of a person, such as an ex or an old friend who likes to start drama just to keep someone around, and describes what happens when finally, enough is enough.

“I like to put myself in weird, unfamiliar situations when it comes to songwriting. I loved the idea of putting myself, Ivish and Nathan together for a session because we all come from three very different worlds; Dance music, urban music and contemporary jazz. We went into the session with no idea what was going to happen and had the entire song written less than six hours later, the energy in the room was electric and I really think that vibe shines through on the finished record.” – Crystal Knives

Crystal Knives draws on his roots as a jazz musician, while masterfully fusing those abilities with his current love for electronic and urban music. Crystal Knives could not have picked a better trumpet player for this track than Nathan Kay. Currently studying Jazz trumpet at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, Kay delivered infectious grooves from start to finish. He was also recently awarded the Nation Trumpet Association’s top award for jazz performance. Ivish took care of vocal duty, laying down outstanding verses on top of Kay’s horn lines. These three artists on the rise have come together to create an absolute masterpiece. Watch this space for more from Crystal Knives and his counterparts.


Floret Loret recently gave listeners a glimpse into his astounding upcoming EP Tangled Roots with the release of ‘Cantuta’. Building further excitement for the project is ‘Juniper,’ which will be released on February 19th. The track is true testament to Floret Loret’s genius. It opens with a melancholy and haunting aura that possesses an underlying beauty. From there it evolves into a beastly experimental sound that’s unlike anything else. ‘Juniper’ will tug at your heart strings while transporting your mind to another dimension. It’s brain-bending bass and heart-wrenching emotions woven together for an unforgettable experience.   

“’Juniper’ was a very fun track to write. I like writing melancholic melodies and creating weird textures. I also tried to imitate wooden sounds throughout the track. I found some influence in a juniper bonsai tree when writing this track – how bizarre it can look, how the stems can be all contorted, but the leaves are beautiful. It takes quite a long time to grow and taking care of it can be tedious. I found similarities to how long it takes someone to be good at a certain skill, nurturing and slowly moulding their craft. This song is to represent the everlasting growth of an artist.” – Floret Loret

Floret Loret is a Florida based producer who’s been on fire as of late. With releases on Phuture Collective, Below The Surface and Great Dane’s ADBC Records, he’s become a favourite amongst the SoundCloud community. Most recently his ‘Stay Hollow’ remix has attained support from heavyweights like Ekali & Alison Wonderland. His debut EP Tangled Roots is due out on March 12th.