US based producer Neovaii has been on the underdogs in the electronic music scene, until now! Releasing his new album “Closure” of 7 tracks, Take It Back, Feel You, Bad For You, I Remember, Heart Shaped Box ,Meaning and Let Me Go. This album is his most ambitious creative project to date. From the high energy hype of ‘Take it Back’ to the melancholy mood of ‘I Remember’, including the epic cinematic cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’; this album is sure to take listeners on a diverse musical journey.

Finding his passion for music at a young age, he began experimenting with genres spanning from Alternative Rock to Pop, before finding his calling in Electronic Music. Neovaii has gone on to become a founding member of acclaimed projects such as Klaypex and Veorra. His work with these groups has been featured on Billboard Heatseekers charts, Next Big Sound charts, and others.

The project started in 2016 as his first solo endeavour, he has gone on to accrue millions of streams spanning three releases in record time. Having previously collaborated with artists such as Aero Chord, Ship Wrek, and Arman Cekin among others, as well as received support from brands such as Trap Nation, Trap City, MrSuicideSheep and more, Neovaii has gone on to receive over 300 million streams throughout his entire musical career. You can stream the full album on all platforms plus on Trap Nations Youtube below.


Portland-based producer, Manatee Commune continues to establish his legacy with his forthcoming single, “I Can Dream” featuring female vocalist Effee . A classically trained musician inspired by the likes of Sylvan Esso, Big Wild, Flume, and many more, Manatee Commune is a captivating producer and vibrant performer. Having toured with household names like ODESZA, Emancipator, and Blockhead, while commanding stages at Bonnaroo, What The Festival, Capitol Hill Block Party, and the upcoming 2019 Lighting In A Bottle Festival, Manatee Commune delivers an experience to dance music aficionados worldwide.

“This track came together when the first warmth of spring actually started to reveal itself. I had just moved to Portland and the whole city just exploded with cherry blossoms and daffodils, so grabbed my laptop and an acoustic guitar, laid out in the park and crafted what I thought was just a goofy little beat that I’d never use. But when Effee and I started working together, I immediately thought of that day and how wonderful her voice would sound nestled in the bright, peaceful production of this unfinished song. Just a week or so later she sent me back these lyrics that perfectly captured the carefree, sunny mid-morning essence that had originally inspired me.Manatee Commune

His charming production leans toward the emotive side of electronic music while simultaneously stamping his own signature on all of his feats. His cuts are mastered arrangements of field recordings, textures from nature, lush guitar licks, rolling arpeggiated sine waves, and classically influenced viola melodies. “I Can Dream” is a complete tapestry of romantically-charged resonance, breathing a new life into electronic-pop. Continuously improving on his already impressive discography that boasts over 20 million streams on Spotify, this forthcoming single is inked to be another milestone in his pioneering career.

Straight from the vibrant town of New Orleans, Luxley’s latest EP, ‘Chromatics’, showcases a rather rare experience that is certain to intrigue and delight.

Most people write by sound. Luxley, however, writes by colour. This is because he has Chromasthesia, a condition that causes him to unconsciously associate sounds with colours.

Attiki – The opening track sets the mood with lush sounds that invoke the feeling of a dreamy soundscape with modern electronic production. The track showcases rich and interesting textures, building to a trance inducing vibe. The listener is immersed into a colourful world from the first few notes!

Dreamcatcher – Luxley creates a driving force with a gorgeous blend of synth-pop and layers upon layers of sounds. Production quality is high and compliments the opening track with a driving rhythm section and some classic sampled vocal chops.

Near Me – A melancholy marimba with a haunting vocal sample layers into a funky house style bass. ‘Near Me’ continues to impress with a nice build and highlights the nature of a fluid, yet consistent dubstep throwback in the main section.

No. 4 – Certainly a standout track on the EP. Capturing a low-key, yet anthemic number with Luxley’s addition of some gorgeous vocal processing reveals a powerful main section to the song that is sure to turn heads and move a crowd. 

Shine – Mid tempo dance number. Luxley finds an interesting balance between 8-bit sounds and a Flume-esque lead and bass. This track will certainly be on high repeat.

Take A Chance – A synth odyssey and a chunky mix of layers. ‘Take A Chance’ is driving and sprinkled with upbeat soul vocals. A touch of 2000’s Deadmau5 is certainly apparent in areas, and amounts to an eclectic mix of sounds before fading a minimal house beat. The closing track delivers the EP well with a solid resolve.

Overall, ’Chromatics’ offers a window into Luxley’s unique view on the world of sound, and captures a pure rainbow of soul-touching, sonic richness. With his self-described, “Chromasthetic” style and blend of electronic genres to create a tasty experiential music journey, Luxley will no doubt be an artist to watch.

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Having released Get Low last month racking in 100k+ streams in 2 weeks, Fabian has returned with a bang. The Danish producer is known for his exceptional productions and crazy sound design, with On Fire he has shown that with the best of his ability. On Fire is a dark and groovy track, complementing different genres into one masterpiece. With merging energetic Drum & Bass breaks accompanied with vocals from Fabian himself, which builds into a bouncy trap drop. This is a track which is going to hit the clubs by storm !

On Fire was a track I made on a late winter’s night in a basement in Copenhagen. I started making the break synths because I wanted to make a big melodic track and that’s where I ran it through a modulator by accident and all of a sudden I had this cool wobbly idea. The track pretty much builds itself up from there, I recorded the drop and vocals from there in the same night. I really wanted to make a bass driven track so I could see people bobbing their heads and bouncing” – Fabian Mazur

Stereotype’s have been on the rise the past year, with their strong portfolio of releases. Having released on Hybrid Trap, Clout Nu and many more, they have returned with a new gem. Tokyo is a luxurious release, which takes you on a journey where only music can take you. Combining vocal chops and ambient chords, Tokyo explodes into happiness and excitement using Japaneses style plucks and synths to create a vision and a feeling like you are sat there in this wonderful city.


You can catch all Stereotypes releases below :

Hey Levianth, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Loving the new release, can you tell us how that song came about?

Hello guys! I first started this song with a really emotional melody I was playing in the piano and immediately thought of how I could build a whole high energy track around it which I did the same day. 

With Unbroken you have chosen to release this single with Enter Records, how did you find out about them and what are your expectations for the label as a whole?

I really enjoy releasing with Enter Records as a gamer myself providing all the gamers and streamers with royalty free music. I found out about them a few months ago when they were launching and decided to send them some demos I had been working on and eventually they were excited about my music and personal style and then decided to release a few tracks of mine. It’s great to see my tracks being played on the ESL tournaments which a lot of people watch and that’s great exposure for my music and brand as well.

You have many outstanding release under your belt, Is there a track you enjoyed making the most or that you are most proud of ?

Thank you appreciate that! Although I’ve produced numerous releases and have achieved to receive more than 10 million Spotify streams, the tracks I’m most proud of are some of the singles I have on my hard drive which are still works in progress but they really showcase my signature sound that I have been developing for more than 7 years producing music. If i had to choose from one of the tracks i have already released i’d say its Another Day.

What do you think the future of gaming and music will hold? Do you have any aspirations or goals you want to aim for in that realm?

I think gaming is becoming really big and will continue to expand rapidly in the following years. Music has always been highly connected to gaming as many gamers and streamers enjoy listening to their favourite tracks while playing. Royalty free music like the tracks I have been releasing on Enter Records get a lot of support from the gaming scene and I think is something to keep in mind as well for the future because it really helps your music reach more real-life listeners. One of my goals is to perform at a big e-sports tournament in the future.

Finally, Do you have any announcements or news you would like to share with our readers?

Check out my tracks Unbroken and Lookdown released on Enter Records as the IEM KATOWICE 2019 Official Soundtrack.

Tribal trap has been on the rise non-stop, with their label releases gaining millions of streams monthly and gaining a reputable reputation in the music community. They have taken the world by storm with their brand new artist collection album Endemic II, this album includes artists like, SKAN, Drama B, EBEN and more !

Skan & El Speaker – Hustler (feat. Highdiwaan)

Tribal Trap giant SKAN has returned with yet another huger release, partnered with El Speaker and Highdiwaan. Using vocal chops and heavy 808s, this track will defiantly blow you away !

EBEN & Jimmy Wit An H – Right Now

Percussion has been used in trap for many years now and to a lot of people that has died out right? Well… you couldn’t be more wrong and that is shown with EBEN & Jimmy Wit An H single Right Now.

JURGAZ – Mijotchi

JURGAZ has risen festival trap out from grounds of early 2012 into an absolute banger with his new single Mijotchi. Combining synths drenched in reverb and heavy 808s, to make something perfect for the festival season ahead of us.

E.P.O & No ExpressioN – Get Rid Of Me (ft. Ozone)

From the very beginning “Get Rid Of Me” grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go until the very last bar. An atmospheric melody and low hitting 808s really builds a hauntingly captivating track. The track is completed with Ozone delivering an astoundingly hard hitting flow to make this a track to watch out for.

NOIXES & Cemre Emin – Merger   

Noixes has been known to have the heaviest 808s in the game and he proves this time and time again. Merger is an astounding release with Cemre Emin who ads that perfect finish to such aesthetic release.

THROVN & Drama B – No Way Out

With the main melody being played through unique flute sounds you instantly get drawn into “No Way Out”. With the track constantly evolving and new elements being added in the listener is always captivated. This is one track that is going to make waves in the scene.

LBLVNC – Hisoka

French producer LBLVNC has found his way on many of today’s leading trap platforms like Bass Nation, Magic Music, Elysian Records and many more. Hisoka is the perfect tone for this album, with an Arabic pluck accompanied by LBLVNC signature 808s. This is a match made in heaven !

Matbow – Hit The Club

Matbow’s track “Hit The Club” has infuzed the intense musical breaks with hard hitting drops that features 808s, trombones and vocals. This classic trap sound has been revolutionised to suit the new trends in this genre. This is bound to hit the club scene with a BANG!

CryJaxx & TH3 DARP – Maad Loud

Taking vocal chops to whole new level Cryjaxx has teamed up with Th3 Darp to create a moombahton inspired single, that will get you up on your feet.

Wizard – Wish

Did you wish for some more fire in this album? Well if you have made it this far your wish has come true! Wizard has blessed us with another masterpiece, OG trap vibes spray of this single like there’s no tomorrow.

TERRA BLVCK, Taw & Bromar – Candy Store (feat. J Swey)

Fancy going to the Candy Store? Well Terra Blvck, Taw, Bromar and Jswey can assure to take you there. All 5 artists have made their name in the trap scene one way or another, catchy yet perfect underground vibes. Candy store has the perfect complexity’s to reach massive numbers.

Mylky & Born I – Infinite

We have been a fan of these two guys for a while now and what can we say they have blown us away once again! Born I is a lyrical mastermind when it comes to releases, teaming up with Mylky was the perfect decision for a hit!

NOES & BIOJECT – Astronaut

Twerk springs to mind when we hear this release, NOES & BIOJECT have definitely got our booty moving! Pitched vocal chops and a bouncy beat “Astronaut” will take them higher than music can take them.

2nd Life – Broken Heart (feat. Leni & Stephen Geisler)

Broken Heart pulls you in almost instantly with Leni & Stephen Geisler’s vocals, they create a blissful atmosphere to prepare you for a real magical journey.

Tenka – Tulum

This release brings us to the relaxing beaches of Tulum, Mexico with its dreamy chords and strong pads. With the unique style of drop, Tenka has entered the world of trap in the best of fashion.

Vluarr – Slowly

Straight away we are submerged into a beautifully dark atmospheric track with ‘Slowly’. Vluarr uses large spaces and haunting vocal calls to enchant the listener and then snaps us back with a hard hitting and unique drop combining trap and a creative use of sound design. Vluarr is making waves in the scene right now and ‘Slowly’ is one of the tracks that proves that.

WCKD & Alex Byrne – Feel It

Feel it is another festival banger from WCKD & Alex Byrne, this track blows us away with the combination of Festival trap and hardstyle. Feel hits hard in every angle and is definitely a big one in the album.

Onur Ormen & SVRRIC – Rise

‘Rise’ is one of those tracks that instantly hits you and brings you with it through its use of tension build and release. Punchy drums really add to the impact. Combine that with a creative and distinctive drop and you have something truly special.