still haze, a Miami-based singer-songwriter known for his unique style, which he describes as “indie-R&B”, has dropped a two track EP titled “WAYSIDE ICED TEA”. The EP’s two songs both have a lo-fi instrumental, produced by ZEEKYBEATS.  still haze sets himself apart with his soft vocal style and strong lyricism.  One of the main highlights of “WAYSIDE ICED TEA” is its jazz influence.  Jazzy electric guitar riffs and untraditional chord choices make the EP a standout in the R&B world.  

Despite his young age, still haze has achieved a lot in his musical career.  He’s collaborated with strong  up-and-coming artists like rad hatter and Simba Andrews, as well has accumulated over a million plays on Spotify with his song “Potion”.  “WAYSIDE ICED TEA” is still haze’s latest contribution to the music world, and we can expect to hear a lot more from him in the coming months and years.

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Australian indie-artist Sarah Kabbani is refining her sound with the release of her latest single “Too Far Gone”. The track combines the tight, four-on-the floor drums beats and heavy bass-lines you’d expect from a club track with Kabbani’s polished pop vocals. Produced by Sam Lloyd and Sam Marynissen, the song’s stellar writing is enhanced by a strong instrumental.

Sarah Kabbani has long been known in the Australian indie scene. Soon after the release of her debut single in 2016, she was featured by Triple J. Since then, she’s seen steady success in her career, touring around Australia and performing at large music festivals. With, “Too Far Gone”, Kabbani shows us that she’s gearing up for a big year of music ahead.

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At just twenty-one years old, Canadian singer Adil C is starting his career off strong. Following the successful release of his debut singe, “Good Enough”, released in 2018, Adil C has dropped his latest track “Where Are You”. The song doesn’t shy away from difficult, sometimes emotional issues; “Where Are You” is about the singer’s deteriorating relationship with his partner: “Where are you?  I need you here with me”, Adil C sings. This tough subject is something most listeners can relate to, setting the track up for success.

In addition to Adil C’s raw, emotional vocals, the instrumental side of the track is powerful. A deep, rich piano adds emotion to the track, enhanced by electronic vocal cuts and tight drums. “Where Are You” is a song fit for the radio, with soaring pop melodies and relatable lyrics.

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Earlier this year, the life of thirty-year-old songwriter-producer Patrick O’Neill changed. O’Neill, who releases music under the alias “Like Lions,” dropped his biggest track to date: “Older.” In a matter of weeks it’s streams had surpassed every other track he’d released before, going on to reach a massive audience worldwide.  Now, Like Lions is capitalizing on that exposure by releasing “U Got Me”, a catchy but emotional pop track.

With a more relaxed vibe than “Older,” “U Got Me” showcases the diversity of Like Lions’ songwriting skills.  Soft piano chords support an expressive lead vocal. Like Lions’ unique ability to explore new styles and genres while keeping the emotional energy of his songs consistent is what truly sets him apart as an artist, and it’s what will continue to draw people to his music in the future.

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Members, Julimar Santos, Eric Turner and Carl Björsell met collaborating as songwriters for major artists and decided to join forces, and make something really special. The fusion of Turner’s classical and indie vibe with Santo’s blue urban perspective weaved into stories and poetry accompanied by Björsell’s sublime artistry. Realizing quickly that they had found something very rare, they set to work immediately on their first album as a band, setting aside all of their other projects.

Coming from Brazil, Julimar Santos moved to Sweden when he was 5. He grew up in Gothenburg and was raised on rap music. He started out as an MC (J-Son) touring and collaborating with many international and Swedish artists. His style flows effortlessly between smooth and classical singing to urban and rap, with a talent for writing real and meaningful lyrics his stories take on a documentary feel as you peer into his world.

Eric Turner is best known for his #1 hit ”Written In The Stars” with Tinie Tempah. He grew up in Boston listening to his Uncle’s CD’s with classic 60s and 70’s bands like Pink Floyd, and the Beatles. His unique voice cultured from living on both sides of the Atlantic is finally realized fully on this album.  He is quoted as saying ”These are my ultimate songs, the real ones I always wanted to make, the realest stuff”. His passionate artist view of music and melody crosses from indie to urban and classic pop creating an epic feel every time his voice appears.

Raised on music in the streets of Stockholm, but living in his own universe, Carl Björsell picked up the Guitar when he was 10 and started touring as a multi instrumentalist by the age of 16. Inspired by all kinds of music – from the soulful arrangements of the likes of Curtis Mayfield, D’Angelo and Prince to 90’s rap to Electric Light Orchestra to U2 to pure and simple pop songs – Carl has the ability to combine the two distinct worlds of two poets into one smooth and passionate vibe, that grasps the listener with a simplicity of purpose.

Rush is an easy listening single from the boys, releasing on Enter Records they have created a spine-tingling release which the fans can’t get enough of. Combining slick vocals and clean production you just know this one is going to be a massive hit in the music and gaming community.

“For us Rush is mainly about all the liars using social media to make people dumb. How they always Assume people are dumb. How they give you a rush then another rush telling you what you want to hear showing you what you want to see. Proving your opinions that you always had. And how we hope people use critical thinking to fight against it.. But it´s also about always going for it, never holding back, like we feel about the band. It´s all in. We regardless wants the listener to catch their own vibe, not telling them what to feel. If someone thinks or feels the song is about something else, hey that’s cool too!” – Sto Cultr

Julie Elody, a pop singer and songwriter from New Orleans, has released “Queen of Wands”, her latest collection of tracks.  The EP has an electronic sound from front to back, but explores different styles within the genre.  “She’s Killin It” features Nicola Fasano, known for his 2012 hit with Pitbull “I Know You Want Me”.  It’s tight latin drum beats and brass stabs take center stage.  A similar style is found in the opening track, “Relatable”. in tracks like “The Lighthouse” , Elody switches to a dubstep-esque instrumental.  The variety of electronic genres represented in “Queen of Wands” adds to its strength.

Elody describes her sound as “pop music with lyrics that don’t suck”.  She’s right.  Her lyrics have a much higher level of maturity than seen in many of her pop contemporaries.  Intellectual writing, top-notch vocals, and stellar production contribute to the high overall quality of this EP.  

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ALIGN takes us on a journey with his stunning new EP Intertwine, which brings 5 beautifully made releases Embrace, Symmetry, Follow Me, Thought Patterns and Found. The EP kicks off with something magical, Embrace truly represents what everyone should do with this release. It give us goosebumps just listening to it, it combines the sounds of an old film rolling in the background while the harmonic pads come flowing in and to top it off this gentle guitar lead just sits on top and that is the icing on the cake for me.

Symmetry definitely gives a more upbeat feel to the EP, the warm feeling of the piano chords and the essence of the vocal chops just give the track that extra burst of emotion .

Follow me kicks off with this moving chords, which almost remind me of some sort of church organ, but the main power house of this release is the siren (mythical creature) type vocals . Which just catch you and you just can’t seem stop listening.

Thought Pattern is another magical release where you a hit with a soothing arp fluttering throughout the release, accompanied but the vocal shots and the heavily side-chained chords.

Found is bringing back those tropical vibes, with the plucky style chords that just complement the whole release. The vocals bring an extra element into this release which is hands down super addicting to listen too.

Over all the EP is a stunning piece of work and we are 10000% that everyone who listens to this will fall in love with it and enjoy it a much as we did 🙂

“When we finally started to pull out of the winter and darker times, I felt like I had found the direction I needed to go. Overall, ‘Intertwine’ holds its name because the more I think about things, the more I realize they’re all connected, and well, intertwined. This EP generally represents a range of emotions that we go through as humans, and how they’re all connected to each other in one way or another. The tracks on ‘Intertwine’ are not without their flaws, and none are perfect, but neither are we — I look at these minor pieces as things to embrace.” ALIGN

Esterly and Vo Williams’ new track “Pushin Back” is the perfect pre-game hype song.  Its massive brass stabs and distorted vocal chops give it an energy that sweeps listeners off their feet.  The song encourages its listeners to “push back” at whatever is holding them down.  “[The track] is for anyone who’s been stepped on, pushed against a wall or been discriminated against somehow”, the artists write. 

Esterly, the song’s producer, has extensive experience capturing energy through his music.  His forceful productions have been featured in trailers and commercials for staples of modern culture like “Call Of Duty” and “Assassin’s Creed”, as well as been used by the NFL and MLB.  Additionally, his productions have appeared alongside prominent hip-hop artists like Jung Youth. 

Vo Wiliams’s musical career has also been one based in culture.  Massive video games like “Watch Dogs 2” and shows like “Empire” have included his music. Now, the two have teamed up to create yet another energetic anthem, “Pushin Back”.

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Rising producer Juuku has released an electronic flip of Teflon Sega’s track Juuku. The track sounds as if it could have come straight out of a movie, utilizing glossy cinematic strings and blaring timpani samples.  The track has an airy nostalgic energy to it, perfect for long summer night drives. Juuku’s sound is a perfect blend of emotional synth wave and energetic trap.

Juuku says he was beyond excited when he was given the opportunity to reimagine “Bereta Lake”:

“When I got the opportunity to remix it I lost my mind. I’ve always wanted to remix one of his tracks, and knew I could put my own emotional twist to it. I always try to make a world with a story in my head before I start.” – Juuku

With his own unique sound, Juuku is definitely on the rise as an artist.  He’s built up a small but loyal fanbase already, which will surely continue to grow.  His fourth remix showcases his stellar creativity and strong potential.

Stream “Bereta Lake” Remix:

Up-and-coming Los Angeles-based producer Xavage is about to ‘Pull Up’ with a massive new trap banger. Built around the energetic and anthemic vocal sample “pull up with the squad, we getting lit,” Xavage creates a track that’s infectious yet hard-hitting with expert sound design. The rap vocals are simplistic enough to make this a staple at clubs and festivals, while the deep and dark wubs are sure to please the most discerning bassheads. One minute you’re grooving and grinding on the dance floor, the next a mosh pit has opened up and taken things all the way to 10. With a hip hop core and some deep bass leanings the sound is sure to draw comparisons to heavyweights like Hydraulix, Oski and G-Rex, while still remaining fresh and unique. The song is available for free download, just text “Hey” to +1 (714) 695-5645.  

The rap vocals are simplistic enough to make this a staple at clubs and festivals, while the deep and dark wubs are sure to please the most discerning bassheads. One minute you’re grooving and grinding on the dance floor, the next a mosh pit has opened up and taken things all the way to 10. With a hip hop core and some deep bass leanings the sound is sure to draw comparisons to heavyweights like Hydraulix, Oski and G-Rex, while still remaining fresh and unique.

“Since the vocal drew the inspiration of the track I knew I wanted to steer it in the direction energetic, upbeat, and perfect for an environment of a party. I also wanted the drop to be catchy, simple, and easy to remember with that Xavage touch. The goal is for it to be type of track where at a festival attendees would scream along with the drop going, ‘BOM BOM BOM BOM.’ This one was simply made to have a good time with the squad.” – Xavage

Xavage’s commitment and love for music began in high school as a hip hop dancer, winning multiple competitions including The Bridge and World of Dance. Dance is still the strongest inspiration in his music and one of his biggest goals is to bring dance back to EDM. With every release Xavage creates a dance video to deepen this connection. He’s been producing for over 5 years and is a recent graduate of Icon Collective, which boasts notable alumni such as Slander, Jauz, NGHTMRE and more. Prior to attending Icon, Xavage built a solid brand and played events with Insomniac and BassRush. He took the past year off of releasing music to refine his skills and establish his vision. 2019 is set to be Xavage’s year with new music monthly, so be on the lookout.