German producer Blinded Hearts has teamed up with Swedish singer Louise CS to recreate the classic 1981 hit “Just The Two Of Us”.  The duo’s version pays tribute to the original track by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers by sampling its iconic saxophone line.  However, Blinded Hearts add a clear modern feel to his cover.  Adding four on the floor drums and smooth electric guitars, the track has an undeniable Deep House influence. 

The artist says that inspiration struck him at an unusual time and place: 

“On a lazy afternoon I watched a episode of King Of Queens. The original track from the eighties was played in the background and so I had the idea to cover this all time favorite. And once Louise CS was on board, it all made sense.” – Blinded Hearts

“Just The Two Of Us” is sure to be a favorite of Deep House fans, as well as fans of the original track!

Stream “Just The Two Of Us” Below:

With their latest single, “Misfits”, alternative duo Apollo LTD has perfected the blissful indie guitar pop sound that’s gained massive popularity in recent years.  Fans of Paramore and Echosmith will immediately be drawn to the phased out guitars and gated drums of “Misfits”.    Captivating falsetto vocals add to the radio-friendly feel of “Misfits”.  Similar to in their track “DNA’, released in march, Apollo LTD provide a lighthearted alternative sound perfect for the warm weather season.  

Band-member Adam Stark says that “Misfits” has a positive message of overcoming things that set us apart from others: “Misfits is a song about feeling like you don’t fit in, but realizing that actually might be ok.  It’s realizing where you belong in the world, rather than if you belong. Embracing our differences is what makes this life beautiful.”  

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Manilla killa has been taking the scene by storm, with his 1993 tour and his musical masterpieces. Taking on a remix for his song All 2 U featuring Sara Skinner is an enigmatic newcomer juuku. He leans heavily on cinematic sounds for his take on electronic music, weaving different feelings of love, fear, and intimacy into sonic (and also visual) emotional experiences. juuku draws inspiration from his past, his late loved ones, his fear of death, his insecurities, and his hope to retire his mother one day. All we can say is this is a remix we will be playing on repeat for while now 🙂

Chicago based producer James Fisher – better known as ALIGN, has been taking the scene by storm with his musical masterpieces. With his forthcoming Intertwine EP, he has shown what he is capable of and that’s just fully blown us away ! Picture relaxing on a hot summers day floating around your swimming pool or at the beach, with no care in the world just you and the calmness in the air. That’s what Follow Me feels like to us, using the perfect blend of melodic plucks and dreamy chords It creates an atmosphere that you just can’t get enough of!

“‘Follow Me’ is a melancholy track that evokes an ever-burning lust and desire. To me, the repetition of the phrase throughout this track allows the listener to feel a deeper sense of thinking of something, or someone, over and over again. The downtempo tune provides for a mellow, more reflective atmosphere while journeying through this track beginning to end.”ALIGN

still haze, a Miami-based singer-songwriter known for his unique style, which he describes as “indie-R&B”, has dropped a two track EP titled “WAYSIDE ICED TEA”. The EP’s two songs both have a lo-fi instrumental, produced by ZEEKYBEATS.  still haze sets himself apart with his soft vocal style and strong lyricism.  One of the main highlights of “WAYSIDE ICED TEA” is its jazz influence.  Jazzy electric guitar riffs and untraditional chord choices make the EP a standout in the R&B world.  

Despite his young age, still haze has achieved a lot in his musical career.  He’s collaborated with strong  up-and-coming artists like rad hatter and Simba Andrews, as well has accumulated over a million plays on Spotify with his song “Potion”.  “WAYSIDE ICED TEA” is still haze’s latest contribution to the music world, and we can expect to hear a lot more from him in the coming months and years.

Stream “WAYSIDE ICED TEA” here:

Producer; Roman Pearce has come out with his latest track “Freedom,” setting fans up for a trip to tropical paradise. With a reputation for peddling dreamy, chilled-out vibes through his music, “Freedom” is layered with lush production, empowered by a warm synth bass and gentle melodic embellishments.

With vocals that are simple but powerful, Pearce drives listeners’ focus right to the lyrics through spacious instrumentation and ambient effects that render this track a radio-ready bop that’s sure to bless your ears.

In a world in which many feel trapped and unheard: “Freedom” in fact feels like just that … freedom.

Stream “Freedom” below:

Australian indie-artist Sarah Kabbani is refining her sound with the release of her latest single “Too Far Gone”. The track combines the tight, four-on-the floor drums beats and heavy bass-lines you’d expect from a club track with Kabbani’s polished pop vocals. Produced by Sam Lloyd and Sam Marynissen, the song’s stellar writing is enhanced by a strong instrumental.

Sarah Kabbani has long been known in the Australian indie scene. Soon after the release of her debut single in 2016, she was featured by Triple J. Since then, she’s seen steady success in her career, touring around Australia and performing at large music festivals. With, “Too Far Gone”, Kabbani shows us that she’s gearing up for a big year of music ahead.

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