Julius Dreisig & LBLVNC – Breathe

“Breathe” is a new release on dutch trap label Tribal Trap , this release is where Denmark and France meet as LBLVNC & Julius Dreisig unleash an absolute monster of a track. A female vocalist flowing perfectly with the elegance of the chords , which just doesn’t prepare you for what the drop holds. A pan flute and heavy 808s is always a good combination when it comes to trap , the two elements combined have a huge impact which is what makes this track stand out .

You can stream “Breathe” below

Motivational Monday’s Episode 2: Stan Wittenberg – Founder of Tribal Trap

So today’s guest is another Youtube sensation , he owns one Netherlands most hyped trap channels and record labels , that’s right Stan has joined the Motivational Monday’s to give you some knowledge to kick off your week.

Who are you and what’s your background?

My name is Stan, im 20 years old and currently living in Brabant, The Netherlands. About 4 years ago I started a youtube channel called Tribal Trap, mainly with the intention to showcase trap music for people with a similar taste, just for fun. After 2 years of curating music on the channel we expanded and started signing tracks to Tribal Trap as a record label as well. I dont have a background in music at all (never even played an instrument), so I spent pretty much all my time in high school building this brand and figuring out how the music industry worked When I finally graduated from high school I joined SAE Institute in Amsterdam to study Music Business and Music Production, which I didn’t finish – Tribal Trap has been my full-time job for about a year now.

What does your job consist of on a day to day basis? 

My job mainly consists of making sure the label releases go smoothly and get the exposure they deserve, so it involves a lot of pitching to other curators, youtube channels and artists with who we work together. Most time thats left after that is used to make sure there is enough new content coming in for the future as well, uploading on our youtube channel daily, listening to demos and signing new tracks, while also looking out for new opportunities to help out the artists on the label. In the coming year well really be trying to expand into some different fields as well like for example live shows & events, exciting stuff 🙂
What’s your biggest achievement to date?

My proudest moment was probably reaching 100 thousand youtube subscribers and receiving the silver play button. Been breaking a lot of personal milestones lately though – one of which is the fact that we got over 100 million views on youtube content just in 2017, seeing that blew my mind. Apart from that I think my biggest achievement is being able to work together with my favorite artists on a daily basis, it keeps me motivated to improve myself and Tribal Trap.

Any tips and tricks that you wish you knew when you started? 

Theres this Dutch saying we use, ‘de aanhouder wint’, I think that’d roughly translate to ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try again’, or something similar. Definitely my biggest tip. Not just to beginners, but to anyone in music. When it comes to tricks – step away from your computer for a few minutes if you’re annoyed or pissed off at someone and get back to it when you’re cooled down. Nobody likes keyboard warriors, it’ll just burn bridges.

For the readers looking to pursue a career in Youtube , do you have any advice for them? 

Try surrounding yourself with motivated people. When I started doing music in 2013 I had the luck of ending up in a Skype chat with guys like Trap Party, Trap Nation and SuperBeats (Elysian Records), who also just started their career in music at that pointed. We all kept pushing ourselves and each other with some kind of healthy competitiveness, which was super useful and probably one of the reasons i ever got beyond being a beginner.

Any upcoming stuff you would like to announce to the readers?

Were currently in the process of up scaling from 3 monthly releases to about 6, so loads of new stuff incoming!

You can keep up to date with Tribal Trap below


Jim Yosef & Chris Linton – Breathe

Outertone’s very own Jim Yosef is back with his brand new single “Breathe” with Bristol based phenomenon Chris Linton. Featured on BBC Introducing “Breathe” is another one of Jim Yosef’s masterpieces , Jim has kept his style in tact from previous tracks like “Link” and “In Time”. You can’t forget about Chris Linton’s voice which just holds the track together giving it that added emotion.

“Breathe” has found its place on Illicit one of Canada’s most underrated upcoming labels , with solid releases from Wild Cards , KVMO and Midsplit. With the atmospheric essence of the chorus accompanied by Chris Lintons rustic vocals flowing through the track , Jim adds his special touch with his catchy melodies and signature sounds , I can’t get enough of this single !

You can stream “Breathe below:

Tropix – Bulletproof

So we have all heard the dance hit “Bulletproof” by La Roux , but have you heard Tropix version ? well if you haven’t then you’re missing out. Tropix have been nothing but on the rise the past year or so with their summery sounds and tropical vibes.

“Bulletproof” is what you call a solid start to 2018 for Tropix, with a sexy saxophone jamming out during the chorus , the vocals and the sax just go hand in hand with this type of song. A male vocalist just hitting those harmonies perfectly , you just cant say anything bad about this track. 100% one of my favourite tracks at the moment.

You can stream “Bulletproof” below:

Azide x J Swey x 𝐗:𝐈 – I Am Not Painless

The dynamic duo are back , All you have to do is just see these two names and you know its going to be something huge !  Azide & J Swey teamed up with LA based producer XI to produce another bass ridden track. With Azides intense 808s grinding through this release , accompanied by what  J Swey does best ! J Swey , XI and Azide have done nothing but hold their ground with this style , combining Hip-Hop with dirty 808s which in my opinion is a combination you can’t get enough of. “I Am Not Painless” Is a great kick start to 2018 for these guys and it can only get better #XELF

You can stream “I Am Not Painless” below

ThatBehavior & Arcando – No More (feat. Kait Weston)

So I have featured Arcando before on this blog with his stunning release “Glass Heart” with B3RROR. The Dutchman is back with a brand new release on one of YouTube’s biggest channels Trap Nation with German producer ThatBehavior.  Accompanied by Kait Weston enduring vocals , using a classical piano and muffled drums they add an atmospheric feel to the track. Well the drop is something else ! with a heavy gritted bass and vocal chops drowned in reverb , this drop just hits all the right spots.

You can stream “No More” below:

ATC – Around The World (Jay Eskar & Royd Remix)

As soon as I saw the teaser video for this track I was blown away , I’ve heard some future house remixes of this song before but nothing compared to Jay Eskar & Royd’s remix. This track is what you call a club banger , keeping elements of the original while still keeping that fresh Jay Eskar and Royd style in play. These guys are hands down the dark horses in the music industry , with constant top quality productions every release , there is no stopping these two in climbing to the top.   

You can stream “Around The World” below:

Max Styler & Twerl – Wasted Time

Just in time to kick off festival season, ​Max Styler​ and ​TWERL​ deliver their brand new track  “Wasted Time”​ on ​Elysian Records.​ Opening with a creeping, cinematic buildup, “Wasted Time”  blooms with reverberating basslines and warbling synths, all complemented by ​EVAN GIIA’s  glimmering vocal performance. The track feels simultaneously powerful and sensitive as Max Styler’s  production skills take the listener on slow-burning sonic journey that is intensified by the  emotions behind the venomous vocals.

“Wasted Time” is the first collaboration between Max Styler  and TWERL, who recently released his well-received “Stay” EP on Elysian Records early this year. The new track varies  diversely in sound from Max Styler’s last single, ​”All Your Love,”​ further bolstering his reputation as a  capable chameleon of a producer. 2018 is just getting started, so stay tuned for what Max Styler has up his sleeve next. 

You can stream “Wasted Time” below:

Motivational Mondays Episode 1: Jake Bateman – CEO & Founder of Royal Music

So the first edition of Motivational Monday’s is here with special guest Jake Bateman , CEO and Founder of Royal Music.

Who are you and what’s your background?
Hi! My name’s Jake and I run Royal Music, a music promotion channel on YouTube. I’m from the South West of England but super into travelling around right now and love anything related to music. I’ve been into music for as long as I can remember but only took it seriously and considered it as a career path when I left college after studying Computing/Programming and realising that, that wasn’t really for me.

What does your job consist of on a day to day basis? 
A huge part of my job is understanding my audience and delivering what they want to hear, which is also definitely the hardest part of it all. My subscribers come from a variety of genres so it can be difficult at times to upload a song which everyone will like. My day typically consists of handling e-mails, hearing what’s currently being released and then working with various record labels, management teams and independent artists on getting an upload of the song out on the channel.

What’s your biggest achievement to date? 
My biggest achievement is easily my channel, it’s something that I’ve put 100% of my time into for the last two years and have dedicated my life to growing and expanding the brand, the channel really has taken over my life in a really positive way. Royal Music is something that I’m insanely proud of and I’m so happy that it’s being seen and heard all around the world, I really couldn’t ask for more.

Any tips and tricks that you wish you knew when you started? 
I wish I knew how to be more patient and not to expect immediate results. That’s the real trick, just working hard no matter what’s going on. Nothing comes straight away and there might not even be any signs of success during the time you’re working but you can’t let it stop you from trying.

For the readers looking to peruse a career in Youtube , do you have any advice for them? 
As mentioned above, be very, very patient. Always try your best and even if you don’t see results in 6 months to 1 year, still try. Just remember that if you grow 1,000 subscribers in a year, that doesn’t mean it’s going to take you 10 years to reach 10,000, your pace of growth will gradually pick up, it comes fast for some and slow for others but there’s no reason why you can’t get there. Just stay consistent and don’t stop trying, upload because you love to upload, not because you want something from it.

Any upcoming stuff you would like to announce to the readers?
I have a lot of things on the way! Including new visuals for Royal Music, an Instagram page which I’ve just opened and I have also started my own record label! We have a release coming out on the 23rd so keep an eye out! 🙂 Thanks for reading! also, a huge thank you to The Music Elk for having me .

You can follow Royal Music below:
Snapchat: Royal.music

Sokol – Russian Doll

SOKOL is back with another one of his classic indie records , “Russian Doll” is perfect for a chilled out Sunday as it takes you on a journey into a relaxed state of mind. “Russian Doll” has got a lot of great elements to it , the vocals do nothing but justice to my ears as it sits perfectly onto this single. With the perfect use of atmospheric synths and rhythmic drums , “Russian Doll” is just the perfect track for those lazy days we all enjoy.

You can stream “Russian Doll” below