Sokol – Russian Doll

SOKOL is back with another one of his classic indie records , “Russian Doll” is perfect for a chilled out Sunday as it takes you on a journey into a relaxed state of mind. “Russian Doll” has got a lot of great elements to it , the vocals do nothing but justice to my ears as it sits perfectly onto this single. With the perfect use of atmospheric synths and rhythmic drums , “Russian Doll” is just the perfect track for those lazy days we all enjoy.

You can stream “Russian Doll” below

Heavy Pulse & Misfit Massacre – Get Back

Who said dubstep is dead ? Heavy Pulse & Misfit Massacre have just released an absolute monster on Lacuna Records. The two producers have once again proved dubstep is still thriving and growing , with up and coming producers coming up with new and inventive ways to push the boundaries of the genre. With heavy drums , warped vocals and cinematic breaks Misfit Massacre and Heavy Pulse have put together nothing but another banger.

You can stream “Get Back” Below:

Buzz Low – Get It

Hollands very own Buzz Low has made his first appearance of 2018 on Germans top Future House label  Future House Cloud. “Get It” is a energetic house track with a bouncy vibe to it , With Buzz Low’s recent success with “Love Sensation” and his remode of Supermode’s track “Tell Me Why” you just know its going to be a big release. With his attendance at Herman Brood Academy Buzz Low’s music capabilities can only go up from here. 
You can stream “Get It” below:

Snavs – Lust

Andreas Holdø formally known as Snavs , has announced his album SS18 a week or so ago while teasing us with the “SS18 Mix”. And what i heard was just incredible , the first release on the album just dropped called “Lust”. Lust is the first edition of whats to come from this stunning album and he has kicked it off with a bang. Snavs signature heavy white noised future bass chords and vocal chops . Snavs has delivered nothing but another hit , I can’t wait for whats to come from this album and for what Snavs has got up his arsenal of tracks 

Shuba – So Hold

Chill Trap’s up and coming sub label Magically has just released a summer hit. Russian producer Shuba is back with his new single “So Hold”. You just can’t beat a chilled out release with a smooth saxophone jamming it out , just something about it puts you in that summery mood. With some relaxing vocals throughout the release , you can just feel yourself going into a relaxing trance that you just can’t get enough of.

You can stream “So Hold” below: 

Plumpy – Smack That

Who is Plumpy? that is a question a lot of people have been asking. With his name popping up everywhere , this  little fella has been killing it lately with tracks like , “plumpy”,”boolin” and “Komo” just to name a few.

Plumpy’s new single “Smack That” is a re-plumped version of Akon & Eminem’s hit single back in 2006. Keeping the original vibe of plumpy , he has still kept aspects of the original to give you that flashback to your childhood. With a detuned lead and heavy drums , Plumpy has kept it simple but as they say “less is more”.

You can stream “Smack That” below:

DROELOE – Many Words

DROELOE are starting to make a dent in the music industry , kicking off 2018 with their single “Backbone” left us blown away with what they can deliver. Droeloe have just dropped their new single on San Holo’s label Bitbird called “Many Words”.

Combining dreamy vocals and catchy melodies , the boys have defiantly taken a new style to this one. Which works really well together and have made nothing but a masterpiece yet again.

You can Stream “Many Words” below:

Levianth & HUFS – Geisha (feat. Drama B)

Levianth  “Geisha EP has just dropped on London based label Elysian Records. Elysian Records success over the years has risen hugely , with releases from Alexander Lewis , Party Thieves , Fabian Mazur and so many more well established artists in the scene. No wonder Levianth new EP has dropped on this label its a perfect fit , Levianth also has been making his mark in the industry with his release on one of Youtubes biggest music channels Trap Nation called “Beside Me” with Denis Elezi , the track hit over 1.9 million plays on Soundcloud and is growing rapidly.

“Geisha” is something else with Drama B doing what he does best and just taking this track that extra further with his ability to not only rap but use his singing abilities to add more tension to the track. Levianth & HUFS have hit gold with this track with its deep 808s and stunning melodies.

You can stream “Geisha” below:

SKAN – Energy EP

The infamous SKAN has finally returned after the huge success of last year , hitting millions of streams and dominating the trap scene. The french producer has dropped his biggest EP to date.
With this four track EP (Energy , Die For The Trap , Mia Khlaifa and Levitate) including collabs with NGO Azide and Krimsin also making noise in the music industry. Each track combining a different style but still keeping SKAN’s signature sound involved.

You can’t forget these lyrical masterminds as well! M.I.M.E , Lox Chatterbox , Blak Trash and Drama B. Have all set the bar high for all rappers! From previous collabs with SKAN no wonder these guys sound so good together. As far as trap goes these guys are going to be the ones reaching the top no matter what.

You can stream SKAN’s Energy EP on Trap City below:

B3RROR & Arcando – Glass Heart (ft. Darrick Atwater)

The dutch are taking over , B3RROR & ARCANDO have just dropped their new collab with US vocalist Darrick Atwater on one of Hollands biggest trap labels Tribal Trap. Been nothing but blown away by the progress B3RROR & Arcando have been making over the years with B3RROR’s last release on Tribal Trap being “Gamazi”. And that set the level high with the success of that song , now with “Glass Heart” they have topped that.

With Darrick’s memorising vocals giving the lead on this track , then topped off with the outstanding use of the vocals in the drop. It’s going to be hard to top this release , but with B3RROR & Arcando you never know whats around the corner.

You can stream “Glass Heart” below: