Well Evan Giia  has finally got the recognition she deserves !  With her new release on Odesza’s label Foreign Family Collective. I can safley say this is 100% the biggest track on the label to date !

Produced by the infamous duo Membab , the track is a solid deep house track with an absolute killer drop. With the atmospheric chords taking you on a journey building up to the chorus which just gets you dancing up on your feet. “WESTWORLD” is truly one to remember!

You can stream “Westworld” below:

Platonic Dive – Habit

If you think about the development of Platonick Dive music, you probably will think about this track. The typical brand of the band, with dreaming sounds designed by guitars, synth lines and a muscled drum, is guided by a soaked in reverb lead voice that sing about missing love and rehab from bad habits.

From their upcoming album,  Platonick Dive has just release the first edition called “Habit” a chilled indie release that just reminds you of those festival days during the summer. You can’t really complain about this release with its simplicity and soulfulness flowing through the whole track.

You can stream “Habit” below:

Boombox Cartel – Whisper (ft. Nevve)

Mexican  Producer/DJ’s Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina formally known as Boombox Cartel have quickly risen as one of the most iconic duos to have hit the music scene. The two geniuses are back with a new single “Whispers” featuring Nevve , Whispers is different to their signature style , but never the less its a masterpiece. 

Whispers is defiantly on the chilled side of things , using guitars and those low end future bass chord Its defiantly unique. Then topped off with Nevve stunning vocals , the track is where pop and EDM meet hand in hand. Boombox Cartel have done it again with their capabilities to change it up with their signature heavy trap and their light future base and pop singles.

Skybreak – Embers (feat. KALU)

Skybreak’s stunning EP is finally here ! released on up & coming Lacuna Records. With this EP Skybreak has done nothing but pour his heart and soul into these tracks , I personally can’t get enough of it ! 

Embers is a stunning single featuring London based vocalist KALU. Using his powerful vocals to lure you in which is then topped off by Skybreaks amazing music abilities , bringing power and emotion to the table. I hope to hear more from these two , from the standard they have set with this EP , I am excited to hear what they have coming up next.

Inukshuk – Too Far Gone

Inukshuk has done it again with his stunning new single on NCS “Too Far Gone”. The Canadian producer has been on the rise the past year or so with releases with Trap Nations imprint Lowly Palace , NCS and Spinnin Records just to name a few.

Inukshuk has brought out a lot of emotion and feeling to this track, with the Porter Robinson type feel with the use of atmospheric vocal chops and chords. He creates a masterpiece which has pulled me in and i can’t stop listening.

You can stream “Too Far Gone” below

Mountain Bird – The Wolf

Mountain Bird has done nothing but impress us with his musical capabilities , he has shown that his new single “The Wolf”.

This single takes you on a journey of emotions from start to finish, With a fresh chilled out release Mountain Bird has got us ready for a relaxing Sunday. Released on Nettwerk “The Wolf” has kicked off 2018 with a relaxing edition to the label.

You can stream “The Wolf” below:

KVMO & Massive Vibes – Physical (ft. Ashdown)

When you see KVMO’s name down your feed you know you’re in for a treat! With his new single “Physical” with Massive Vibes and Ashdown. It has found its place on one of Youtubes finest Cloudkid.

The boys have delivered a great addition to the music scene and we can’t wait for what they have got prepared for the rest of the year. With stunning guitar riffs , KVMO signature style drop accompanied by Ashdown’s smoothing vocals , this track has got us up on our feet ready for the weekend !

You can stream “Physical” below: