Swiss producer Jasmin Peterhans, known musically as Sensu, has released her latest track “Listen”, on Universal Music’s Quartz Records. The track is the first single from her upcoming album scheduled to release in September. The track features stunning vocals from Otis Junior, enhanced by silky smooth production by Sensu. “Listen” has a clear R&B influence, but elements of dance and alternative can also be seen. This fusion of genres is central to Sensu’s sound:

“The song ‘Listen’ perfectly represents the style of music I create. It’s a track with drum sounds that you could use in a hip-hop track and synthesizer sounds which could be used in a trance song, so it creates that electronic sound mixed with an organic feel to it” – Sensu

Sensu got her musical start as a classically trained pianist, which comes through the musical complexity of tracks like “Listen”. Her unique sound has allowed her to play at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals like Zurich Open Air, as well as recently sign a record deal with Universal. With multiple singles and an album releasing, 2019 is sure to be a huge year for Sensu.

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“Early Night” is the latest track to come out of Chicago-based drummer and producer COFRESI. The track, which features New Jersey beatboxer-producer Flamingosis, is an energetic electronic tune with trap and electro influences. With deep bass hits and massive, thumping drums, the track is enjoyable to listen to from start to finish, but keeps its unique characteristics. COFRESI describes this style as a “chill banger”.

According to COFRESI, “Early Night” is a perfect mix between styles: “Early Night is a fresh interpretation of my style mixed with Flamingosis’. The verse sections ooze his signature beat oriented vibe while the drop sections showcase my approach to rhythmic, pounding & smooth sound design.” The track’s soaring melodies and energetic baselines are sure to draw listeners in.

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Finnish electronic artist Axel Thesleff has released the remix EP of his “Two Worlds” EP, released earlier this year. Featuring a remix of each of the original songs, each remixer brings something different to the table. Starting off strong, the EP opens with SickFlip’s remix of “Akasha”. The remix starts with a danceable tribal drum groove, but later transitions into a section with soothing chords and bells.

In contrast to SickFlip’s remix is Take Five’s heavy trap remix of “Salomon”, featuring heavy 808’s and tight drums. CloZee’s “Eco” remix comes next, utilizing organic elements like mallets and flutes to create a soothing vibe. Preceding CloZee’s remix is Alex Banks’. A remix of “Cascade”, Banks masterfully creates a fast baced, dark, cinematic mood. Wrapping up the EP is Tekvision glitchy trap remix of Dunya. It has a clear trap influence, with hip-hop drums and deep 808 bass-lines, however Tekvision retains the melodic nature of the original song.

The original creator of “Two Worlds”, Axel Thesleff, started his musical career in 2010 with the release of his concept album “Waste Land”, which later earned him the coveted “Soundclouder of The Day” award. He continued to release music regularly, dropping hits like “Bad Karma” and “Need You”. Over the years he’s gained an impressive following of over forty-thousand followers on Soundcloud. Most recently, he’s released the remix EP for “Two Worlds”. Each remix on the EP has something unique to offer.

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Straight from the vibrant town of New Orleans, Luxley’s latest EP, ‘Chromatics’, showcases a rather rare experience that is certain to intrigue and delight.

Most people write by sound. Luxley, however, writes by colour. This is because he has Chromasthesia, a condition that causes him to unconsciously associate sounds with colours.

Attiki – The opening track sets the mood with lush sounds that invoke the feeling of a dreamy soundscape with modern electronic production. The track showcases rich and interesting textures, building to a trance inducing vibe. The listener is immersed into a colourful world from the first few notes!

Dreamcatcher – Luxley creates a driving force with a gorgeous blend of synth-pop and layers upon layers of sounds. Production quality is high and compliments the opening track with a driving rhythm section and some classic sampled vocal chops.

Near Me – A melancholy marimba with a haunting vocal sample layers into a funky house style bass. ‘Near Me’ continues to impress with a nice build and highlights the nature of a fluid, yet consistent dubstep throwback in the main section.

No. 4 – Certainly a standout track on the EP. Capturing a low-key, yet anthemic number with Luxley’s addition of some gorgeous vocal processing reveals a powerful main section to the song that is sure to turn heads and move a crowd. 

Shine – Mid tempo dance number. Luxley finds an interesting balance between 8-bit sounds and a Flume-esque lead and bass. This track will certainly be on high repeat.

Take A Chance – A synth odyssey and a chunky mix of layers. ‘Take A Chance’ is driving and sprinkled with upbeat soul vocals. A touch of 2000’s Deadmau5 is certainly apparent in areas, and amounts to an eclectic mix of sounds before fading a minimal house beat. The closing track delivers the EP well with a solid resolve.

Overall, ’Chromatics’ offers a window into Luxley’s unique view on the world of sound, and captures a pure rainbow of soul-touching, sonic richness. With his self-described, “Chromasthetic” style and blend of electronic genres to create a tasty experiential music journey, Luxley will no doubt be an artist to watch.

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Athens based alternative artist Sarah P. has released the music video for her single “Maenads“. It quickly gained traction, racking up over ten thousand views on Youtube in the first 24 hours of its upload. Like many of Sarah P.’s songs and videos, “Maenads” doesn’t shy away from mental health issues.

“For those who don’t know, I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety for a long time. The whole point of the video is to show that it’s possible to control one’s mental health, rather than living a life controlled by mental illness.” – Sarah P.

Uploaded the week of International Women’s Day, “Maenads” has a strong feminist message as well. The title refers to the ancient Greek female followers of Dionysus. The Maenads were known for their strength and ability to stick together to advocate for what was right.

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Youthxx’s new single “New Frontier” is a catchy, sing-along style anthem. From start to finish, the song radiates inspiration. Steven Mudd, the producer behind the “Youthxx” alias says the song was meant as his “personal rally cry to wake up, get up and change something”.

Although ”New Frontier” is only the Los Angeles based producer’s second release under his “Youthxx” alias, Steven Mudd is no newcomer.  His indie-pop duo, “Golden Coast” has been recognized by Billboard and Entertainment Weekly.

Under his solo project, launched in October with the release of “Fire”, Mudd masterfully blends electro-inspired synth production with the more traditional, organic sound of guitars.  Mudd stays true to his indie roots while still offering a unique take. Whether or not alternative music appeals to you, “New Frontier” is worth a listen.

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