From the recent success of their release Seasons on NCS, Rival, Cadmium and Harley Bird have teamed up with Roger & Dean to bring you another future bass hit “I Gave It All”. These guys never disappoint with their releases, when I received this song in my email I knew I had to do a write up on it. With Harley’s vocals bringing the heart and the soul into this track, It falls perfectly with the intricate melodies and memorising chord progressions.

You can stream “I Gave It All” below:


Seasons” is a brand new collaboration between Rival & Cadmium on NCS, who have both already  had experiences in the big leagues of the music industry. Harley Bird makes a return to our blog, and you know these three are going to unleash something unforgettable. Orchestral strings slowly fall into place as the sweet calling of Harley Birds vocals swiftly brings power and the emotion. The use of the vocals in the drop pairs perfectly with Rival and Cadmium’s melodies; NCS have set the bar high with label releases but nothing prepared us for the destruction of “Seasons“.

You can stream “Seasons” below