Fast-rising Swedish producer Finis Mundis has released his self titled street single, ’’Right Now?’’. This is Finis Mundis’ first release after the release of his debut album EVERYTHING AFTER. The aesthetic feel to this track brings you in to a trance of pure relaxation, creating an ambient effect with dreamy vocals, combined with a classic deep house vibe. Right Now has just blown us away !

“I was supposed to take on a remix of Billie Eilish’s ”lovely” when I produced ”Right Now?” last summer, it ended up that I pretty much lost the whole vibe of it. Me and my manager came up last September that this track might be the best way to show the world what my sound it going towards to; a more experimental and dark pop type of sound. ‘Right Now?’ is one of the demos that I felt like ‘ah screw it, let people hear this’, this is my way to try to push my more experimental side. I would describe this track as an echo of a heartbroken person questioning it’s lover ‘what makes you so happy right now?’ in silence. All alone.” – Finis Mundi


Portland-based producer, Manatee Commune continues to establish his legacy with his forthcoming single, “I Can Dream” featuring female vocalist Effee . A classically trained musician inspired by the likes of Sylvan Esso, Big Wild, Flume, and many more, Manatee Commune is a captivating producer and vibrant performer. Having toured with household names like ODESZA, Emancipator, and Blockhead, while commanding stages at Bonnaroo, What The Festival, Capitol Hill Block Party, and the upcoming 2019 Lighting In A Bottle Festival, Manatee Commune delivers an experience to dance music aficionados worldwide.

“This track came together when the first warmth of spring actually started to reveal itself. I had just moved to Portland and the whole city just exploded with cherry blossoms and daffodils, so grabbed my laptop and an acoustic guitar, laid out in the park and crafted what I thought was just a goofy little beat that I’d never use. But when Effee and I started working together, I immediately thought of that day and how wonderful her voice would sound nestled in the bright, peaceful production of this unfinished song. Just a week or so later she sent me back these lyrics that perfectly captured the carefree, sunny mid-morning essence that had originally inspired me.Manatee Commune

His charming production leans toward the emotive side of electronic music while simultaneously stamping his own signature on all of his feats. His cuts are mastered arrangements of field recordings, textures from nature, lush guitar licks, rolling arpeggiated sine waves, and classically influenced viola melodies. “I Can Dream” is a complete tapestry of romantically-charged resonance, breathing a new life into electronic-pop. Continuously improving on his already impressive discography that boasts over 20 million streams on Spotify, this forthcoming single is inked to be another milestone in his pioneering career.

Hailing from the rustic city of Amsterdam LPACA has returned to the scene with their new single Fantasy, they have teamed up with Brenda Eden and all we can say is this is a godly combination. The mysterious producer has gained recognition from remixes for the likes of Childish Gambino, Flume and Esta and now serves up the dreamy ‘Fantasy.’ Fantasy’ brings about expansive melodies, an instantly fresh beat and bags of groove. Hitting a sweet balance between future house and chilled electronic, LPACA will continue to grow his profile with this release.

Everyone has the aspiration to be famous, to be the best, to be the greatest! Well… Manatee Commune has created the perfect track to inspire you to be exactly that!

Manatee Commune (aka Grant Eadie) has made quite a name for himself in dance music since his debut three short years ago. A native of the Pacific Northwest, this electronic based, classically trained multi-instrumentalist has ignited a wave of fans since his nationally aired interview on NPR’s Morning Edition and being named “best electronic artist” by Seattle Weekly.

Is on track to become a major electronic breakout artist in 2019.  With two extraordinary singles already released from his forthcoming album, PDA, Grant has again crafted another highly personal homage inspired from his childhood memories. His latest single, “Famous,” tells the story of the seduction fame has on a young and naive dreamer.   

“I wanted to capture that feeling every kid has when they are alone, rocking out to their favorite song, fantasizing about becoming rockstars or celebrities. To illustrate that titillating feeling when not only have you made it to the top but are also envied by every person you’ve known since childhood. And how that ‘feeling’ is misunderstood and really pans out if/when you actually achieve (any modicum) of success.”Manatee Commune

The collaboration with Cassandra Violet delivers sparkling vocals that elegantly detail the trappings of fame, over Manatee Commune’s beautiful, timeless production. “Famous” is a happy, feel-good tune that articulates the benefits and trappings of fame.

The Beamish Boys are a brothers duo from Toowoomba, QLD (Australia), who sing and song-write, and have just released an acoustic version of their original track Don’t Flatter Yourself, released on Tipsy Records with American producer MKJ in June earlier this year.

In contrast to the electronic-pop setting of the original version, vocal harmonies and lead lines are set atop a relaxed acoustic guitar part and stripped-back drum beat, allowing their voices to shine through the mix and showcase their talent. The song describes a feeling of self-confidence and resistance against someone wanting to take advantage of you, a relatable sentiment for many.

We had a run-in with a particularly unpleasant person in the music industry – who will of course remain nameless – and so writing this song was a very cathartic process for us. Nobody likes to be pushed around and too often artists are taken advantage of. ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’ is kind of a unifying anthem for all creatives and artists who have ever felt mistreated.” – The Beamish Boys on the inspiration behind the song.


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Stream the acoustic version bellow:

Pop/RnB artist Jonathan Pfarr, better known as JFARR, is following up on his October release ‘Sunlight’. The Ohio-native, now Arizona-based producer and vocalist just dropped a new single called ‘Thinking of Ya’ yesterday.

In the song, he speaks about his first couple of lonely days in his new Arizona apartment. Being near LA, he met a lot of people and got invited to a lot of parties, where some people kept trying to get him to drink and smoke in order to feel better. But…

“No, no drink could fix this”.

It’s a really chill electronic track featuring his signature RnB vocals. Those dreamy vocals are accompanied by minimalistic drums and impressive sound design coupled with a unique synth chorus. The lead melody is played by catchy vocal chops, which are then pitched up an octave later within the track.

Near the end of the piece, he talks about driving his car with the person he wrote the song for. With a touch of melancholy, he imparts that it would be a dream for that to ever happen again.

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Mountain Bird has done nothing but impress us with his musical capabilities , he has shown that his new single “The Wolf”.

This single takes you on a journey of emotions from start to finish, With a fresh chilled out release Mountain Bird has got us ready for a relaxing Sunday. Released on Nettwerk “The Wolf” has kicked off 2018 with a relaxing edition to the label.

You can stream “The Wolf” below: