MKJ begins his 2019 campaign with new original ‘Ghost’, after a successful year that saw the release of ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’ and ‘Half Life’. The producer now based in San Antonio, USA has worked hard to get where he is now, both in geographical and in musical status.

Having grown up in a tent on the Iran-Iraqi border to avoid conflict, MKJ spent years learning to create and imitate western music in order to be able to move to the United States aged 22. After launching into the public sphere a few years ago, his track “Time” (2017) went viral in Asia, racking up hundreds of millions of streams and attaining the #1 spot in the China Shazam charts for three weeks. MKJ is known for his fusion of different genres such as Hip Hop, Future Bass, Dance Hall, House, inspired by artists such as Daft Punk and Major Lazer, and Ghost doesn’t disappoint.

Merging acoustic and electronic vibes to create a tranquil, washed-out break, with vocals float above, MKJ leads us into a balmy, tropical drop which you’ll love.

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Conor Ross, producer from Manchester, UK, has teamed up with vocalist Jodie Knight from Liverpool, to create new original entitled “Sincerity“, out on Friday as the first release on new record label based in the Netherlands, Triad.

Ross won a remix competition last year for David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Brooks’ track ‘Like I Do’ with Foxa, which is fast approaching a million streams on Spotify, had releases on Strange Fruits and put out lots of new music, pushing a new sound.

Sincerity starts off mellow and subdued, introducing Jodie’s voice, washed out and full of emotion leading into a drop with beautiful filtered chords combined with a warm electric guitar lead riff. Something about Jodie’s voice atop the soft chords is intensely moving, I implore you to have a listen to this one.

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Canadian rising star NUDØ is back with his latest release “Change My Mind“. Joining forces with heavyweight vocalist, Veronica Bravo, this future melodic song will be his third release on Strange Fruits.

Since NUDØ’s graduation from Music Recording Arts Canada, based in his home town Montreal, he has made great strides in the electronic music scene. Two months ago, he made his first appearance on Strange Fruits with “Your Way”, and it didn’t take long for him to come back with his remix for TwoWorldsApart & Chec’s track, “Collage”.

This time, NUDØ is back with Veronica Bravo who is making serious waves with her features on dance driven songs. The two perfectly deliver this super laid back, melodic track.

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In December American record producer and songwriter Benny Blanco dropped huge collaboration Roses with Juice WRLD, known for his original “Lucid Dreams” and Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco front man. Dutch producer Arcando continues his 2019 campaign with a huge remix of Roses, after a stellar 2018 which saw him garner millions of streams and first release last week.

Arcando’s interpretation utilises Juice WRLD’s vocals and Blanco’s original Trap beat, proceeding into suspenseful buildup where we start to hear his influence, dropping into a huge Future Bass & Trap hybrid chorus, with a hefty, gritty bass, vocal chops over the top and quick hats and percussion sprinkled throughout; but the drop leaves us craving more. In the latter stages, Arcando adds in arcade-reminiscent arps that sit beautifully over the second drop finishing off a track that kicks off the year perfectly.

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Scottish-based producer Ashton Love adds to his already impressive catalogue of releases with “Chances”, a soul-inspired vocal house track. Love is already well established as a producer, having been supported by big-name artists like Martin Garrix and The Chainsmokers, but “Chances” is his debut release on Dutch record label “Soave”. Serving as a follow up for his 2018 deep house anthem “Ones We Hate”, Ashton Love truly delivers with this latest release.

The beginning of the track, driven by dreamy piano chords and powerful vocals, quickly progresses into a high energy collage of brass stabs and bass lines. Love masterfully blends new and old school sounds to achieve a feel-good track that’s perfect for a party, or casual listening. With the Deep House genre as strong as ever, expect to hear this track at festivals and clubs throughout 2019.

Italian duo Notalike have returned to Fonk Recordings as apart of their New Year EP, along side artists like MAXIMALS, WE AM and Myne X MWRS. Working alongside Alex & Mark, they have come up with another traditional Fonk banger. Combining repetitive melodies, bouncy synths and rolling beats, this track works so well in all its aspects! Turnin’ is going to be a huge track in today’s club scene we can feel it!

You can stream Turnin’ below 🙂

We never thought these four heavyweights would come together to make something as amazing as this !!! Combining all their styles with Nevve’s memorising vocals, this is a collab that will go down in history. Flooded with emotion, Island tells a magical story that hits the feels of everyone who listens to it.

Going from emotional breaks to stunning melodic dubstep to then finish off with an aggressive drop, which will satisfy the head banger’s of the community. There’s nothing you can not like about this track, with all elements fitting in so well with one and other. Island has received great support so far on Proximty, UKF, Airwavesmusic and many more. You can stream “Island” below: