AJ Salvatore brings the heat with new single Lyke Werk

AJ Salvatore is quite a familiar face on this site, purely from his exceptional talent when it comes to music. While he is quickly becoming known for his quality productions and astonishing sound design. AJ has has returned with his new house single “Lyke Werk” From the upbeat percussion rhythms to the grimy and metallicContinue reading “AJ Salvatore brings the heat with new single Lyke Werk”

Newcomer STEARN Sets The Bar High With Latest Release “Take Me (So Far)”

He may be an up-and-comer, but STEARN has already begun to make his mark on the deep house world. Less than a year ago, he began his musical career with the release of unique house remixes on Soundcloud, which quickly caught the attention of labels.  Now, he’s back with, “Take Me (So Far)”, his firstContinue reading “Newcomer STEARN Sets The Bar High With Latest Release “Take Me (So Far)””

You Must Disrupt – Milkshake

You Must Disrupt burst onto the scene last weekend with a sizzling tech house recontextualisation of ‘My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard’ by Kelis. The vocal we all know and love, in a setting reminiscent of Australian powerhouse Fisher’s recent work is a match made in heaven. So too is the conjunctionContinue reading “You Must Disrupt – Milkshake”

Chris Viviano – Ocean

Chris Viviano has made yet another smash hit with his brand new single “Ocean” as it’s coming towards summer this is perfect for those summer parties, combining catchy vocals and those refreshing upbeat melodies you can be sure this track is going to go far! Chris has already built himself a great position in the EuropeanContinue reading “Chris Viviano – Ocean”