Hey Levianth, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Loving the new release, can you tell us how that song came about?

Hello guys! I first started this song with a really emotional melody I was playing in the piano and immediately thought of how I could build a whole high energy track around it which I did the same day. 

With Unbroken you have chosen to release this single with Enter Records, how did you find out about them and what are your expectations for the label as a whole?

I really enjoy releasing with Enter Records as a gamer myself providing all the gamers and streamers with royalty free music. I found out about them a few months ago when they were launching and decided to send them some demos I had been working on and eventually they were excited about my music and personal style and then decided to release a few tracks of mine. It’s great to see my tracks being played on the ESL tournaments which a lot of people watch and that’s great exposure for my music and brand as well.

You have many outstanding release under your belt, Is there a track you enjoyed making the most or that you are most proud of ?

Thank you appreciate that! Although I’ve produced numerous releases and have achieved to receive more than 10 million Spotify streams, the tracks I’m most proud of are some of the singles I have on my hard drive which are still works in progress but they really showcase my signature sound that I have been developing for more than 7 years producing music. If i had to choose from one of the tracks i have already released i’d say its Another Day.

What do you think the future of gaming and music will hold? Do you have any aspirations or goals you want to aim for in that realm?

I think gaming is becoming really big and will continue to expand rapidly in the following years. Music has always been highly connected to gaming as many gamers and streamers enjoy listening to their favourite tracks while playing. Royalty free music like the tracks I have been releasing on Enter Records get a lot of support from the gaming scene and I think is something to keep in mind as well for the future because it really helps your music reach more real-life listeners. One of my goals is to perform at a big e-sports tournament in the future.

Finally, Do you have any announcements or news you would like to share with our readers?

Check out my tracks Unbroken and Lookdown released on Enter Records as the IEM KATOWICE 2019 Official Soundtrack.


Why did you decide to start your Monthly EDM Hits playlist?

I started the playlist because I really like the curation part. I love to bring people music they might have never heard before.

How did you grow it to over a thousand followers in under two weeks?

The playlist grew this fast because of multiple marketing tools I learned and used on this playlist. I can’t go into all the details but I will say that social media promotion is the most important part.

How do you plan on continued growth and maintaining it among your other obligations with Encore Agency and managing artists like Foxa, RudeLies, Debris, and Conor Ross?

I update the playlist each Friday on a weekly basis. The marketing and promotion is a continuous process to ensure the playlist steadily grows over the next couple of months/

How do you think Spotify has impacted the more underground and up and coming side of EDM as it continues to convert SoundCloud listeners and creators over to its platform?

Spotify has really impacted the discovery of new talents. The platform really has an eye for new talent. For instance, you will always find new talent and music you never heard before in their big playlists.

And lastly, what is the biggest mistake that you see people making when trying to promote their own playlists?

Buying followers. It can be very obvious to spot and it ruins the integrity of what you’re trying to do.

–  Chris W. Lao

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