Earlier this year, the life of thirty-year-old songwriter-producer Patrick O’Neill changed. O’Neill, who releases music under the alias “Like Lions,” dropped his biggest track to date: “Older.” In a matter of weeks it’s streams had surpassed every other track he’d released before, going on to reach a massive audience worldwide.  Now, Like Lions is capitalizing on that exposure by releasing “U Got Me”, a catchy but emotional pop track.

With a more relaxed vibe than “Older,” “U Got Me” showcases the diversity of Like Lions’ songwriting skills.  Soft piano chords support an expressive lead vocal. Like Lions’ unique ability to explore new styles and genres while keeping the emotional energy of his songs consistent is what truly sets him apart as an artist, and it’s what will continue to draw people to his music in the future.

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At just twenty-one years old, Canadian singer Adil C is starting his career off strong. Following the successful release of his debut singe, “Good Enough”, released in 2018, Adil C has dropped his latest track “Where Are You”. The song doesn’t shy away from difficult, sometimes emotional issues; “Where Are You” is about the singer’s deteriorating relationship with his partner: “Where are you?  I need you here with me”, Adil C sings. This tough subject is something most listeners can relate to, setting the track up for success.

In addition to Adil C’s raw, emotional vocals, the instrumental side of the track is powerful. A deep, rich piano adds emotion to the track, enhanced by electronic vocal cuts and tight drums. “Where Are You” is a song fit for the radio, with soaring pop melodies and relatable lyrics.

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We decided to cover something a little different this time! “Heaven” is the latest release from the melodic Indie pop duo Apollo LTD. This unique band has always delivered powerful pop tunes and this latest release is no different . . . there’s certainly no stopping Apollo LTD this year!!!

Through their new single “Heaven (All Around You)” the bands sound noticeably veers away from the lightness of their previous works, to deal with a wide variety of topics.

Through sweeping piano lines and an alluring vocal deliveries “Heaven” focuses on the journey of life and the experiences that shape us, while also discussing what it feels like to love someone so much you can’t imagine life without them.

Apollo LTD is renowned for their dynamic performances and striking lyricism and their latest singles sees them not only live up to expectations but rise above and beyond as they delve deep into the thoughts of mankind. “Heaven” is a song that will, beyond measure, engage listeners this year as audiences are brought on an introspective ride and ultimately delightful musical experience.

So gear up for this one – as always, Apollo LTD have done a spectacular job

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Orlando producer with Long Island roots AJ Salvatore has dropped “Coming Back To Life”, a radio-friendly follow up to “Alone”, released in June.  Featuring the smooth vocals of industry newcomer Joe Sparrow, Salvatore’s new track has all the elements of a top-forty pop hit.

Although “Coming Back To Life” feels modern, it’s clearly influenced by the sound of the ’80s.  From the very beginning of the song, gated snares, and atmospheric synths are front and center. The chorus showcases AJ Salvatore’s unique ability to compose blissful pop melodies.  

AJ Salvatore wasn’t always an electronic producer.  He got his start playing piano, drums, guitar, and bass in bands as a kid, only transitioning to production in recent years.  Salvatore’s rich musical background clearly show’s in his melody-driven work.

Only twenty-two years old AJ Salvatore surely has a long career ahead of him in the music industry.  

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Julie Elody is back with her latest single, “Come Down”, digging into that chill, laid-back vibe we all love. One of my favourite elements in this track is an effective key change within the bridge, leading all the way back into the work’s fiery last chorus.

Deceptively simple, this is the kind of kind song in which you can easily get lost in the catchy melodies and infectious beat, yet it still conveys an emotional depth that is apparent when you tune into the lyrics.

cover art

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– Written by Matt Jones

Bishop Ivy, who previously released music under the name “Cam Crowley”, the artist’s real name, is starting his new alias off strong with the release of alternative single “15”.  The song starts with airy guitar strums and smooth vocals, later adding trap drums and Bon Iver-esque vocal harmonies. Two minutes in, the song’s open, reverb-filled sounds are answered with a powerful guitar riff.  

Everything in “15” feels deliberate.  Every sound serves a purpose: from the ambient traffic noises in the beginning to the piercing alarm clock at the end, bringing you out of the world created by Bishop Ivy, like waking up from a dream.

“All Things Temporary”, Crowley’s upcoming EP, was inspired by a life-changing move he took as a teenager from Boston, his home town, to Dallas.

The artist’s roots can be traced back to the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, where he spent his teenage weekends busking on sidewalks.  

The cover art of “15”, an image of the iconic Boston skyline, says it all.  Crowley’s home city is important to him. The “Bishop Ivy” sound was created there.

After gaining recognition for his covers of popular artists like Ed Sheeran and The Weekend, Cam Crowley started experimenting with new sounds.  Throughout his high-school years, Crowley would add effects to his guitars, and even implement digital instruments into his original songs, all in his makeshift bedroom studio.

With his unique, but radio-friendly music, Bishop Ivy could easily tap into a recent wave of success from similar young alternative acts like “Snail Mail” and “boygenius”.  Bishop Ivy is certainly worth keeping an eye on in the coming months. Listen to his debut single here.

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South East London-based musician and songwriter Fred Lessore returns with his latest release, “Give A Little Time”. With a vast background in various genres, Fred has adopted an appreciation for many different musical perspectives, drawing influence from a wide range of artists like Tracy Chapman and Magic System, through to Linkin Park and Deptford Goth, all the way to Florence + The Machine, Stromae and P!nk.

Fred Lessore’s music frequently covers complex topics such as mental health, spirituality and heartbreak and often involve stepping into another’s shoes to experience the world from their point of view. His writing mixes traditional storytelling techniques with catchy hooks to create a mature sound, resulting in a freshly compassionate and empathetic sound.

Give A Little Time” is comprised of a light-hearted musical arrangement, paired with well-written and meaningful lyrics. With minimalistic guitar features and a warm, vintage-style synth, this song is sure to put you in a good mood.

A few words from Fred on his latest release:

“Coming from a will-they-won’t-they type space, ‘Give A Little Time’ embodies the move from post-breakup remorse to full blown reconciliation, combining feelings of hope, joy and love to explore the reality of ‘limbo’ and the desire to reunite” – Fred Lessore

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