Kyle Braun and Dylan Morgan are two 21 year old producers from New York who began releasing music together in 2016 under the name Poorchoice. The two first met during their freshman year of college when they attended what later would become the group’s namesake; SUNY Purchase. While they first released a few remixes in 2016, the group began to first see success on a large scale when they released their remix of “Chateau” by R&B artist Blackbear in June of 2017. The remix currently has over 500,000 streams on their Soundcloud and has even garnered support from Blackbear himself. Drawing inspiration from acts such as Porter Robinson, Zedd, The Chainsmokers, and Illenium, Poorchoice continues to shape their sound around powerful bass, lush chords, and creating emotion driven moments in their music. In 2018, Poorchoice released a plethora of music including collaborations with Veronica Bravo, HVNNIBVL, and YNGBLOOD. Poorchoice accomplished a major personal goal when their track “Thinkin Bout U” was featured in a Diplo and Friends mix which was aired on BBC Radio 1 as well as Sirius XM. In 2019, Poorchoice plans to release as much music as possible, and has collaborations in the works with Big Z, KVMO, Paige Garabito, and more.

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