Cafe Disko – Santeria (feat. DIVMOND) (OUT 19th April)

Prior to the project that is now known as Cafe Disko, Patrick & Paul had worked on numerous collaborations months before it’s concept. After seeing the success of the tracks, they agreed that teaming up was the best option. With Paul’s vision for the group’s sound and Patrick’s background in sound design, they have produced numerous tracks that have made their mark in the industry. Some of their work has been supported by world-renown DJ’s.

One of which includes MAKJ who played their cover of “Ivy” on his Revolution Radio show on Sirius XM. Clearly Cafe Disko has made their presence known and doesn’t look at slowing down anytime soon.With their upcoming single Santeria (OUT 19th April) Using DIVMOND’s vocals as the strong point of this single, the drop continues the elegance of a hit. Combing melodic vocal chops combined with crisp future bass chords which drives the single to something which just blows us away.

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