Australian singer Csoke begins her musical journey with her debut single “#1.” The track takes on a gentle, pop tone, featuring love-centric lyrics, and airy instrumental cues. Moreover, Csoke’s verses are spiked with deep bass stabs and rhythmically oriented, radio-friendly vocals.

After graduating from The Australian International Performing Arts High School, Grace Csoke signed with Top Dog Recordings. Over the past year, she’s worked to refine her song-writing ability with Swedish pop masters Cold, and CTY at The Kennel.

This song is a feel-good love song in every way. The track falls in line with Csoke’s mission of crafting music that addresses intimacy and love in an honest, candid manner, as well as takes cues from the sound of RnB. 

Lined with simple, catchy melodies, this song is a great listen, and is hard not to hit the replay button on.

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