We decided to cover something a little different this time! “Heaven” is the latest release from the melodic Indie pop duo Apollo LTD. This unique band has always delivered powerful pop tunes and this latest release is no different . . . there’s certainly no stopping Apollo LTD this year!!!

Through their new single “Heaven (All Around You)” the bands sound noticeably veers away from the lightness of their previous works, to deal with a wide variety of topics.

Through sweeping piano lines and an alluring vocal deliveries “Heaven” focuses on the journey of life and the experiences that shape us, while also discussing what it feels like to love someone so much you can’t imagine life without them.

Apollo LTD is renowned for their dynamic performances and striking lyricism and their latest singles sees them not only live up to expectations but rise above and beyond as they delve deep into the thoughts of mankind. “Heaven” is a song that will, beyond measure, engage listeners this year as audiences are brought on an introspective ride and ultimately delightful musical experience.

So gear up for this one – as always, Apollo LTD have done a spectacular job

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