Floret Loret recently gave listeners a glimpse into his astounding upcoming EP Tangled Roots with the release of ‘Cantuta’. Building further excitement for the project is ‘Juniper,’ which will be released on February 19th. The track is true testament to Floret Loret’s genius. It opens with a melancholy and haunting aura that possesses an underlying beauty. From there it evolves into a beastly experimental sound that’s unlike anything else. ‘Juniper’ will tug at your heart strings while transporting your mind to another dimension. It’s brain-bending bass and heart-wrenching emotions woven together for an unforgettable experience.   

“’Juniper’ was a very fun track to write. I like writing melancholic melodies and creating weird textures. I also tried to imitate wooden sounds throughout the track. I found some influence in a juniper bonsai tree when writing this track – how bizarre it can look, how the stems can be all contorted, but the leaves are beautiful. It takes quite a long time to grow and taking care of it can be tedious. I found similarities to how long it takes someone to be good at a certain skill, nurturing and slowly moulding their craft. This song is to represent the everlasting growth of an artist.” – Floret Loret

Floret Loret is a Florida based producer who’s been on fire as of late. With releases on Phuture Collective, Below The Surface and Great Dane’s ADBC Records, he’s become a favourite amongst the SoundCloud community. Most recently his ‘Stay Hollow’ remix has attained support from heavyweights like Ekali & Alison Wonderland. His debut EP Tangled Roots is due out on March 12th.


Everyone has the aspiration to be famous, to be the best, to be the greatest! Well… Manatee Commune has created the perfect track to inspire you to be exactly that!

Manatee Commune (aka Grant Eadie) has made quite a name for himself in dance music since his debut three short years ago. A native of the Pacific Northwest, this electronic based, classically trained multi-instrumentalist has ignited a wave of fans since his nationally aired interview on NPR’s Morning Edition and being named “best electronic artist” by Seattle Weekly.

Is on track to become a major electronic breakout artist in 2019.  With two extraordinary singles already released from his forthcoming album, PDA, Grant has again crafted another highly personal homage inspired from his childhood memories. His latest single, “Famous,” tells the story of the seduction fame has on a young and naive dreamer.   

“I wanted to capture that feeling every kid has when they are alone, rocking out to their favorite song, fantasizing about becoming rockstars or celebrities. To illustrate that titillating feeling when not only have you made it to the top but are also envied by every person you’ve known since childhood. And how that ‘feeling’ is misunderstood and really pans out if/when you actually achieve (any modicum) of success.”Manatee Commune

The collaboration with Cassandra Violet delivers sparkling vocals that elegantly detail the trappings of fame, over Manatee Commune’s beautiful, timeless production. “Famous” is a happy, feel-good tune that articulates the benefits and trappings of fame.

Over the course of the years since Sander W. debuted, he has been making waves and moving in leaps and strides thanks to his assured, focused and undoubtedly talented creations. 

With a new album hot off the press, it looks like there is no catching up to him right now! In his latest five-track studio album “Chasing Feelings” Sander W. continues in his passion for exploring various topics that affect mankind every day. 

Focuses his efforts on touching the lives of people through his music, it is little wonder that his albums, including this latest one, carry such impact. On “Chasing Feelings”, the artist employs his lyrical dynamism with matching instrumental mastery to talk about important human issues and emotions

In a beautiful Melodic House packaging, “Change Your Mind” explores the way in which love is never easy while “Shotgun” delves into a busier atmosphere, in a song that will always liven your road trips. “Close To You”, is more emotional in its description of the best place for someone in love to be. In “No sleep”, Sander speaks the troubled, sleepless minds and finally he rounds off this wonderful album in the cozy mood of “Waiting For Love”. This is definitely a release you don’t want to miss, with a tracklist that fosters a vast array of emotions and moods.

Stream “Chasing Feelings” Here.

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Hey Levianth, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Loving the new release, can you tell us how that song came about?

Hello guys! I first started this song with a really emotional melody I was playing in the piano and immediately thought of how I could build a whole high energy track around it which I did the same day. 

With Unbroken you have chosen to release this single with Enter Records, how did you find out about them and what are your expectations for the label as a whole?

I really enjoy releasing with Enter Records as a gamer myself providing all the gamers and streamers with royalty free music. I found out about them a few months ago when they were launching and decided to send them some demos I had been working on and eventually they were excited about my music and personal style and then decided to release a few tracks of mine. It’s great to see my tracks being played on the ESL tournaments which a lot of people watch and that’s great exposure for my music and brand as well.

You have many outstanding release under your belt, Is there a track you enjoyed making the most or that you are most proud of ?

Thank you appreciate that! Although I’ve produced numerous releases and have achieved to receive more than 10 million Spotify streams, the tracks I’m most proud of are some of the singles I have on my hard drive which are still works in progress but they really showcase my signature sound that I have been developing for more than 7 years producing music. If i had to choose from one of the tracks i have already released i’d say its Another Day.

What do you think the future of gaming and music will hold? Do you have any aspirations or goals you want to aim for in that realm?

I think gaming is becoming really big and will continue to expand rapidly in the following years. Music has always been highly connected to gaming as many gamers and streamers enjoy listening to their favourite tracks while playing. Royalty free music like the tracks I have been releasing on Enter Records get a lot of support from the gaming scene and I think is something to keep in mind as well for the future because it really helps your music reach more real-life listeners. One of my goals is to perform at a big e-sports tournament in the future.

Finally, Do you have any announcements or news you would like to share with our readers?

Check out my tracks Unbroken and Lookdown released on Enter Records as the IEM KATOWICE 2019 Official Soundtrack.

Valentin Rieff, better known as Rival has been acknowledged for taking melodic future bass to the next level, he has proven this with his recent releases such as “Control” surpassing 1m streams in its first month on Spotify, “Thinking of You” a self-release placed on New Music Friday in 18 countries and many other releases making huge play counts.

He has teamed up with Irish vocalist Conor Byrne, who adds a rustic feel to this emotional masterpiece. Conor has made a name for himself by creating covers to then slowly move to releasing on labels such as Sony, Universal, Spinnin Records and more.

Lately kicks off in a calm orchestral fashion, combining Conor’s smooth vocals with a ballad of strings gracing through the track. This is the best of both worlds with combining Conor’s indie side and Rivals electronic vibe, this is a release you definitely should be streaming non-stop.

You can stream Rival – Lately (feat.Conor Byrne) below:

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