Phil Phauler & Ofelija return with a fresh take on the classic love song; we’ve heard them before, and we’ll continue to hear them ‘til the end of time. Love song’s have always been massively popular. However, “Wicked Game” comes with a twist. In the song, the vocalist can be heard struggling over her complex feelings for someone:

“I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you…No, I don’t want to fall in love”

Phil Phauler, originally from Slovakia, moved to the UK where he met singer-songwriter Ofelija. Since then, the aspiring duo have successfully released multiple dance-trance hits that have broke over 25M views collectively, and have even managed to land their single, “Love”, on the Netflix film “Velvet Buzzsaw”. Additionally, they’ve been nominated for and won multiple awards including for Best New Artists at the MAMA Awards.

With one simple listen, Ofelija’s unique, breathtaking vocals guide you through the song, enhanced by Phil’s remarkable work as a producer. Fans are eager to see what this duo has planned for the future.

Check out the new music video for “Wicked Game” here: