ALIGN takes us on a journey with his stunning new EP Intertwine, which brings 5 beautifully made releases Embrace, Symmetry, Follow Me, Thought Patterns and Found. The EP kicks off with something magical, Embrace truly represents what everyone should do with this release. It give us goosebumps just listening to it, it combines the sounds of an old film rolling in the background while the harmonic pads come flowing in and to top it off this gentle guitar lead just sits on top and that is the icing on the cake for me.

Symmetry definitely gives a more upbeat feel to the EP, the warm feeling of the piano chords and the essence of the vocal chops just give the track that extra burst of emotion .

Follow me kicks off with this moving chords, which almost remind me of some sort of church organ, but the main power house of this release is the siren (mythical creature) type vocals . Which just catch you and you just can’t seem stop listening.

Thought Pattern is another magical release where you a hit with a soothing arp fluttering throughout the release, accompanied but the vocal shots and the heavily side-chained chords.

Found is bringing back those tropical vibes, with the plucky style chords that just complement the whole release. The vocals bring an extra element into this release which is hands down super addicting to listen too.

Over all the EP is a stunning piece of work and we are 10000% that everyone who listens to this will fall in love with it and enjoy it a much as we did 🙂

“When we finally started to pull out of the winter and darker times, I felt like I had found the direction I needed to go. Overall, ‘Intertwine’ holds its name because the more I think about things, the more I realize they’re all connected, and well, intertwined. This EP generally represents a range of emotions that we go through as humans, and how they’re all connected to each other in one way or another. The tracks on ‘Intertwine’ are not without their flaws, and none are perfect, but neither are we — I look at these minor pieces as things to embrace.” ALIGN


Dutch producer Olaf Brand, better known as Fajro, released his first track towards the end of last year, which I discovered and covered here on The Music Elk. He has now released brand new original titled ‘Back Around’, with Denmark native Laurits Bak, on esteemed label spirited., a label on which you may have seen music from the likes of Virtual Riot, Egzod and WRLD.

The track combines subtle, soft melodies, soothing vocals and sultry chords to create a beautiful end product that will put a smile on your face and put you at ease. Check out these two young artists and make sure to watch out for them in the near future, enjoy…

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Here we are again, with familiar face Fabian Mazur; the Danish producer and DJ has released his second track of 2019 after releasing the next instalment of his Vital Trap sample pack series on Splice.

Classic, signature processed vocals quickly lead into a tense buildup, and subsequently into a filthy drop which brings Fabian back to his more recognisable style, after Settle in January which was on the more gentle side of the spectrum. Brutal 808s and horrible bass-face-inducing synths, with recognisable elixir samples such as the ocean harps splattered round the track create a monster of a track, check out ‘Get Low’ below…

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Folded Dragons, also known as Albert Pan, who is 20 years young and a sophomore studying Music Technology at New York University, returns to The Music Elk after his track with Amanda Yang last year, with a new original – his third track of 2019 already, titled ‘I Need You‘.

Beginning with a lovely orchestral blend of strings and piano, with vocals gliding overhead, drum hits sign-post a progression onto something powerful, as we plunge into an emotional drop of huge characterful synths and brass hits.

As well as producing the song, Pan wrote it, drawing inspiration from his own happenings in life, employing the wonderful voice of NYC-based vocalist YAEVIN, a vocal performance graduate from the world-famous Berklee College of Music, in order to manifest the allusions between the ‘feeling of need-based love and drowning underwater’.

Having garnered the support of MrSuicideSheep and racked up over 1 million streams in 2018, it’s clear that Folded Dragons is one to watch this year…

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MKJ begins his 2019 campaign with new original ‘Ghost’, after a successful year that saw the release of ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’ and ‘Half Life’. The producer now based in San Antonio, USA has worked hard to get where he is now, both in geographical and in musical status.

Having grown up in a tent on the Iran-Iraqi border to avoid conflict, MKJ spent years learning to create and imitate western music in order to be able to move to the United States aged 22. After launching into the public sphere a few years ago, his track “Time” (2017) went viral in Asia, racking up hundreds of millions of streams and attaining the #1 spot in the China Shazam charts for three weeks. MKJ is known for his fusion of different genres such as Hip Hop, Future Bass, Dance Hall, House, inspired by artists such as Daft Punk and Major Lazer, and Ghost doesn’t disappoint.

Merging acoustic and electronic vibes to create a tranquil, washed-out break, with vocals float above, MKJ leads us into a balmy, tropical drop which you’ll love.

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Multi-talented 25 year old producer & singer/songwriter HANDS has decided to grace us with his fresh new track “Dark Place”, an atmospheric work of art painted with soothing vocals and spacious synths. The song envisions the greed of somebody taking advantage of their partner in a relationship, and breaking away from the relationship because in the end the other person is only damaging you. The track’s vibe really fits with this theme, with its ambient sounds and chilling lyrics.

HANDS decided to start creating music as he didn’t fancy any of the music being played on the radio, and we’re glad he made this decision. His music merges hints of ambient, future garage, chill & downtempo plus a sprinkle of pop. With his late grandfather being a jazz musician, it comes as no surprise that HANDS is quite talented, yet he only started playing piano at 16 and pursued producing and writing his own material aged 20. We are excited to see what this artist brings to the table in the coming years.

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Conor Ross, producer from Manchester, UK, has teamed up with vocalist Jodie Knight from Liverpool, to create new original entitled “Sincerity“, out on Friday as the first release on new record label based in the Netherlands, Triad.

Ross won a remix competition last year for David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Brooks’ track ‘Like I Do’ with Foxa, which is fast approaching a million streams on Spotify, had releases on Strange Fruits and put out lots of new music, pushing a new sound.

Sincerity starts off mellow and subdued, introducing Jodie’s voice, washed out and full of emotion leading into a drop with beautiful filtered chords combined with a warm electric guitar lead riff. Something about Jodie’s voice atop the soft chords is intensely moving, I implore you to have a listen to this one.

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