YLY has released his latest single, “Never Saw It Coming.”  Featuring chill chords and smooth pop vocals, it’s certainly a fun listen.  The track builds to a unique yet radio-friendly drop that incorporates elements of future bass, hip-hop and pop.

According to YLY, the inspiration for “Never Saw It Coming” came on a long haul flight from the United States to The United Kingdom.  Terrified, he started playing calming chords on his computer to relieve his anxiety. These chords were the beginning of “Never Saw It Coming.”

Once he arrived in the UK, he wrote and recorded the vocals with ARION HAZE, and finished the rest of the production.

“I wanted to create a song that would not only be able to get people emotionally attached but also introduce my new style.” – YLY

YLY’s “Never Saw It Coming” is out now. Check it out here:

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